Zhangjiajie Hetian is in the valley, where you want to go!

From September 21st to 23rd, 2017, Zhangjiajie Hetianju Valley invited over 500 people from Zhangjiajie to inspect the valley, step on the line and experience folk customs. Drunk in the valley, happy in Hetian. After a year of trial operation in Hetianju Valley, it finally unveiled its mysterious veil and officially opened on September 21.

Hetianju Valley is the world’s largest Tujia farming experience leisure resort. The grass is green, the jungle is green, and the air is fresh. It is like a paradise, a paradise on earth. Stay in it and enjoy the fun of folklore. Snoring, stepping on stilts, rolling hoops, playing tops, regaining the joy of childhood; riding, archery, catching fish, walking bridges, preferred outdoor recreation and entertainment; living in container inn, enjoying bamboo banquet, campfire, sleeping The tent looked up at the stars and looked at the stars, and the life was so beautiful. Looking at the Tujia villages, the mountains and the trees, the Tujia Amei folk songs sang, experienced the folk customs of the valley, and forgot the way home. The heart is in the valley, and there is no competition in the world.

The most recommended, when the number is Hetianju The bamboo banquet in the valley is the unique product of Hunan’s global tourism. It is unique. Cave restaurant, bamboo fragrance is scattered, the dishes are fragrant, self-sufficient natural pollution-free organic vegetables, selenium-enriched rice, eat delicious, ecological health. It is rumored that the cave was once the place where the treasures of Li Zicheng were hidden in the late Ming and early Qing dynasties, and it must have its hidden nature. Now sitting in the cave, experience the bamboo banquet with the most folk characteristics, and trace the history. This feng shui treasure land is also very memorable.

The most beautiful moment in the valley is the night of the stars. Bonfire evenings, folk programs, wonderful and climax, trepidation, thrills, popularization of Tujia folk culture, an eye-opener. The strange stunts that can only be seen on TV shows in peacetime, can be touched in the valley and enjoy the eyes. Zhangjiajie Tujia Age Amei is the best at swinging dance, leading everyone to dance together, beautiful melody, romantic songs, simple movements, cheerful mood, and the exhaustion of the day disappears.

Walking through the valley, listening to the insects and dogs, watching the meteors across the sky, the country’s quiet night also has a bit of sentiment. Sleeping in the tent, breathing the cool air, looking up at the stars, this is a “dream” night. If you live in a container hotel, you can’t see the bright night sky, but you can experience the rural-urban interaction. I am willing to face the valley, spring and autumn, and give me an acre of land, a room, a cow, live on farming, hide in the valley, enjoy the rest of my life, and meditate on the meaning of life.

Life In just a few autumns, return to the pastoral, return to the truth, enjoy the full of life, capture the beautiful gift of nature, and seek the balance between body and mind. Entrepreneurship is on the road, don’t forget the beginning of the heart, always a childlike heart, often come to the valley, life is 100 years old. Traveling between the city and the countryside, Hetianju Valley is the first choice for rural tourism.

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