Yuanpei EDP moves from education industry to new journey of pension entity

According to the statistics of relevant institutions, at present, the number of elderly people over the age of 60 in China has exceeded 200 million, and the number of people with an annual growth rate of 10 million has rapidly increased, indicating that China has entered an aging society. In recent years, with the aging of China’s society, the old-age industry as an important service industry needs to further activate the socialized service power on the basis of the government’s overall planning, and it will have a huge market development space.

In early September 2017, Yan Yan, Yanyuan Renhe, Peking University Boya, Yuanpei Business School The park department (hereinafter collectively referred to as the Yanyuan Department) signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Beijing Hezhi Aged Care Co., Ltd. (hereinafter collectively referred to as Hezhi Pension). As a result, the company has become a strategic investment enterprise of the Yanyuan Department. At the same time, the research and development committee of the Orthodox Pension Board decided that Dr. Yang Shangdong, the founder of Yanyuan People and the CEO of Peking University Boya, will be the CEO of the old-age pension from now on. This marks the new journey of Yanyuan from the education industry to the pension entity.

& ldquo;This strategic investment in the pension is the foundation of the Yanyuan Department’s physical industry layout. Dr. Yang Shangdong emphasized that, on the one hand, Yuanpei EDP President’s class can train more professionals and management talents in the pension industry for the pension and pension industry; on the other hand, more than 60,000 Yuanpei EDP president class students can also Provide support for human resources, material resources, financial resources and other resources in the development of old-age care and the entire pension industry.

According to the reporter’s understanding, Yuanpei EDP President’s class is Yanyuan Renhe, Peking University Boya EDP Center, Yuanpei Business School and more than 100 Tsinghua University, Peking University and other business schools MBA, EMBA and EDP teaching experts to study together The high-end training program developed has been dedicated to cultivating Chinese SMEs in the past ten years. As of October 2016, more than 620 classes have been set up to help the presidents of 60,000 enterprises achieve the improvement of their personal and personal qualities, and to create an elite circle. Learning the way of life, Tao Li is the best in the world.

Hezhi Pension is a Beijing government pension service project and a designated unit of the National Standards Committee. Integrating medical care, raising and treating, with the core purpose of “being attentive, everywhere is home”, integrating old-age care with the government and social forces to rely on each other, sharing resources, integrating development, and innovating to establish institutional pension, home-based care, and community day care. The type of aged care service fully meets the needs of elderly care services for the elderly.

The Hesheng Pension Shangzhuang Training Base is a pension care center supported by the Beijing Municipal Government. It covers an area of ​​more than 13,700 square meters. It combines the model of medical care and health, highlighting the concept of the 9064 pension model. In addition to meeting the needs of elderly care services for the elderly at all, we have also established a training base for senior professional skills training, and conducted unified training for professional standardization services. After passing the qualifications, the civil affairs, health, and labor departments jointly issued certificates and held certificates.

Hezhi Pension has entered 2,500 communities in Beijing, established a pension station and community service station, and formed a full-coverage community health service model for the last mile and one quarter of the life circle of the online and offline community. Extend limited services to unlimited community homes. The Integrated Endowment Mobile Service Platform is dedicated to the direct supply of fruits and vegetables and middot; the distribution of meals into the family, medical and rehabilitation services into the family, cultural activities into the community, the establishment of a flexible, convenient, all-round old-age service system.

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