Yingu Pusi “marriage” Jiuding Investment Co-pending fund business cooperation

Recently, Beijing Yingu Pusi Investment Fund Management Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Yingupu Pusi”) and Kunwu Jiuding Investment Management Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Jiding Investment”) officially signed a strategic cooperation agreement, Yingu Zhong Donglin, vice president of fund business, Shi Wei, senior vice president of Jiuding Investment, and Hu Wei, director of investment strategy department of Jiuding, participated in the signing ceremony. The signing of the contract marks the official cooperation between the two parties in the field of funds with equity investment.

▲The picture shows Mr. Shi Wei, Senior Vice President of Jiuding Investment, Silver Mr. Zhong Donglin, Vice President of Valley Fund, successfully signed the cooperation agreement

Jiuding Investment is the first private equity investment and management institution in China listed on the Main Board, Kunwu Jiuding Investment Holdings Co., Ltd. (stock code & quot; 600053) The subsidiary company is a professional organization focusing on equity investment and management registered with the National Development and Reform Commission and the China Securities Investment Fund Association. The company currently manages more than 30 billion yuan of PE funds (paid amount). The company has invested in nearly 300 leading or advantageous companies in various industries in China, and nearly 120 of them have been listed or listed on the New Third Board.

Jiuding Investment adopts an investment strategy focusing on both shareholding and holding, focusing on the investment of leading enterprises in the sub-sectors, and based on the leading industrial operation capabilities of leading enterprises, grafting the company specialization, systemization, international Strategic strategy, resource synergy, and capital operation capabilities. With the successive withdrawal of the invested projects, Jiuding Investment has obtained rich returns for fund investors.

For this cooperation with Yingu Pusi, Shijie, senior vice president of Jiuding Investment, said: “The prospects for future wealth management business are good. Jiuding Investment and Yingu Pusi have business Intercommunication point, this cooperation with Yingu Pusi is the right choice for mutual benefit and win-win.

Yingu Pusi is a fund investment management company that was born with China’s economic development. Yingu Pusi focuses on building a national business system structure and has formed an operation network that radiates across the country with Beijing as the core, covering most cities in the country. At present, Yingu Pusi has successfully invested in multiple projects and completed the filing. After the cooperation, Yingu Pusi will cooperate with Jiuding Investment to carry out comprehensive funds, industry funds, special funds and other funds other than equity investment funds, and it is also an important measure for Yingu Pusi to carry out equity investment fund business.

“ This cooperation is based on the principle of “complementary complementarity, mutual benefit, honesty and trustworthiness, long-term cooperation & rsquo;” to achieve common goal and common development. Zhong Donglin, vice president of Yingu Fund Business, said that after cooperation with Jiuding Investment, Yingu Pusi will have more resources in the frontier and high-end investment fields, and will more accurately grasp the market investment trends. Yingu Pusi has been committed to providing high-quality net asset allocation solutions for more high-net-worth people. In the future, Yingu Pusi will continue to deepen the fund investment field and continue to play the role of wealth and continue to create more high quality for more customers. Wealth experience.

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