Wooden door customization knowledge

Having a custom product, was once a symbol of social status. But nowadays, customization has become a civilian lifestyle and has entered the lives of consumers. And consumers’ preferences are different, and custom wooden doors can undoubtedly satisfy consumers’ needs for decoration.

China wooden door is booming, but wooden door design is always a bottleneck that is difficult to break through. The formation of Chinese wooden door design copying and westernization constitutes a fatal obstacle to the further development of China’s wooden door industry.

has a customized product, which used to be a symbol of social status. But nowadays, customization has become a civilian lifestyle and has entered the lives of consumers. Consumers have different preferences and custom wooden doors. Undoubtedly, it can meet consumers’ needs for decoration to a greater extent.

“Micro-customization”, as its name suggests, is a small customization. The person in charge of the project has a vivid metaphor. “It is like making a Rubik’s cube. It’s tailored to make the corresponding functional modules. Different people will not show up. The same pattern.

According to authoritative statistics, the domestic wooden door market has reached 100 billion yuan in 2013, and a new round of growth opportunity for the wooden door industry is coming soon. In the context of micro-customization, which combines the advantages of standardized production and personalized design, it also has high growth potential.

The so-called customization and standard combination, It means that through the fine adjustment of the size of the wooden door, some standard units are designed, and then various combinations are formed to meet the different needs of users. This adjustment based on a large number of market surveys and data analysis has been reduced to some extent. The insurmountable gap between the finished wooden door and the custom wooden door, and the combination of strengths and weaknesses, the advantages are embodied in:

First, the price, the standard unit of the wooden door can be mass-produced, the price is 20% cheaper than the general custom wooden door. Second, the shipping cycle, custom wooden doors generally 25-40 days to ship, And micro-customized wooden doors because of the large inventory of finished units, out When you ship the goods, you only need to combine and match according to the user’s needs, which guarantees the instant shipment. The third is the service, the micro-customized wooden door is easy to install, and the consumer can install it himself. There is no need to install a special installation master. These three advantages are reasonable and effective to reduce the cost, and this part of the reduced cost can return to the quality improvement of the wooden door, forming a benign cycle.

In the wooden door market, the dispute between finished products and customization has not stopped. For home consumers, the choice of finished products is still customized, so that they can also Difficult: The former chooses a large face, saving price and time cost; the latter has high utilization rate and solves the layout problem. The emergence of micro-customization just solves the consumer’s choice dilemma, they can save time and worry to create a more “IKEA” space.


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