Why are solar street lights widely favored?

We have only heard that solar street lights are more environmentally friendly and energy efficient than city circuit lights, and solar street lights may completely replace city circuit lights if solar street light technology is mature and widely used. But is this really the reason why solar street lights are appreciated by people?

  Solar street light installation, no foundation, no wiring, no need to wear a pipe, only a cement base and 1m Make a battery pit inside, fix it with galvanized bolts, and install it wherever you want it! It is more complicated to use street lights and energy-saving street lamps. First of all, you need to install cables, trenching pipes, pipe threading, backfilling, etc. A large amount of civil construction consumes a lot of manpower and material resources. If there is no reserved line at the beginning, if you want to add a street light, you need to reproduce the roadbed, design the wiring diagram, and then construct. If the line has a short-circuit condition, maintenance is very troublesome and cost. Also very high. Solar street lights are sunlight during the day, directly convert solar energy into electrical energy, stored in the battery, and the light is automatically turned on at night, lighting, pollution-free, pure green, and no exhaust gas. The city’s circuit lights consume electricity every night, and the monthly electricity cost is very high. At the same time, electricity generation consumes a lot of energy and generates exhaust gas, which is very unfavorable to environmental protection.
  The low voltage of 12-24v used by solar street lights is relatively harmful. It is the first choice for residential or ecological parks and municipal departments. City circuit lights, generally 220v voltage, encounter road changes, sewer construction, and pavement laying, etc. will have great obstacles, there will be certain dangers, may also pose a danger to the street lights themselves.
   In fact, this is the most accurate answer to the above questions, which is the real reason why solar street lights will be appreciated by people.
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