Whole wood custom home, I feel good

The whole house is made of solid wood, as the name suggests, consisting of three core concepts.

The first whole house, the whole house refers to the parts of the whole house that need woodwork, which are simple to understand, including but not limited to walls, floors, ceilings, stairs, cabinets, doors. , decorative lines, tables, chairs, beds, etc. In other words, the work that carpenters can do is part of the whole house concept.

Second solid wood, the solid wood here does not necessarily refer to logs, there may be logs, or there may be skins, but in general, these solid wood products will have paint or wood wax oil and the like. The surface treatment is different from all kinds of paint-free panels, and it is precisely because of this that the color and texture can be controlled freely and easily matched.

The third customization, different from the custom-made wardrobe custom cabinets custom wood doors these traditional things, the whole house solid wood custom-made goal is to package all your custom-made wood works needs.

The whole wood custom home has a variety of principles. Most of the custom wood furniture is made of precious wood. It has been specially opened, sealed, arranged, assembled and natural. The original beauty. From the color point of view, because of its natural color, it is a healthy and fashionable choice, more in line with the psychological needs of urban people advocating nature. Home, inside and outside, you can customize as much as you like.
Whole wood custom home also has certain advantages in the production process. A high-quality home, edge banding is very important. The use of custom home has been greatly improved and improved in the production process. Many processes are It is done in one factory, the seal is relatively strict, and the lines are smooth. Coupled with a variety of convenient, stylish hardware, giving the home more humanity.

The whole wood custom home also has many advantages in price. If you buy your own home materials, the price is much higher than that of the big-name whole wardrobe manufacturers. Then why do custom-made homes have more advantages in price? This is mainly because many large brands are convenient to purchase in the group, plus Factory process production. Therefore, the cost will be greatly reduced, so the price will be more cost-effective.

Customized wood homes last longer. In the long run, many household materials are in place, and they also pursue beautiful appearance. Custom-made wood furniture general designers will carefully consider ergonomics and mechanics, and the home made will have an advantage in quality.

Customized homes also have a large quality of Zui that is able to make rational use of effective space, and the design is more humane. It can be arbitrarily designed according to your needs, and which ones can be designed for you. These advantages make him more versatile and random, and meet the needs of your various styles.

With the continuous development of the society, home customization has become a trend. If you are a person with personality and feel that the ordinary renovation can not attract the eye, then what are you waiting for?
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