Which ceiling did you “grass”?

Many people think of the ceiling, it is such a honey-painting style. The white paint on the roof is really low! People who catch up with the trend have already installed this way, only white paint, three turns around the top, three layers of hanging, plus a hidden light strip. The reason why many people do not make a ceiling is because they are fed up with such a heavy and complicated big ceiling. But in fact, the ceiling has a lot of beautiful and simple practices, and I will share with you today.
1. What are the good ceiling designs?

Full house ceiling

The full ceiling is used in minimalist and Nordic styles. In addition to the full ceiling, you can hide the wires, downlights, lights, etc. It is also convenient to install a large cabinet, and the top of the cabinet can be completely fitted to the ceiling. This design is best suited for use in large-scale guest restaurants. If you want to achieve absolute top leveling, you can cover two layers of plasterboard on the ceiling.

Local ceiling

If you do not want to make a large ceiling, you need to install a central air conditioner, a fresh air system, a duct machine, etc., you can use a partial ceiling to hide. This kind of ceiling is very low-key and not exaggerated. It does not occupy the height of the wall except for the width of a part of the wall. Even if the height is not enough, it is not suppressed.

Grill ceilings

Use side-by-side wooden strips to make ceilings. This method has more styles for the atmosphere, and the light source is embedded in the middle, which has a good decorative effect. .

Down ceiling

The level is clear and the three-dimensional feeling is strong. Can be used with a variety of lighting, suitable for large living rooms.

2, how should each space ceiling be designed?

Living room ceiling

I don’t like dull, but I don’t want to be too arrogant. I can choose to drop the ceiling, the surface has concave and convex structure, the shape is not complicated, and the layering is strong. When the layer height is sufficient, a complex well pattern ceiling can be designed to give a three-dimensional effect.

Bedroom ceiling

If there is a bathroom or a cloakroom at the entrance, the bedroom with ample space can be designed with the ceiling of the central air conditioner and the wardrobe to make more reasonable use of the space. If the bedroom is small and there is no need for extra space, you can use the full ceiling to make it look more beautiful.

Kitchen ceiling

The kitchen ceiling should not be too low and the color should not be too deep. If the ceiling is too low, the air in the kitchen will not be smooth; if the color is too dark, the kitchen space will be too depressed.
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