What should I do if the bathroom cabinet is cracked? Tips to prevent cracking of bathroom cabinets

Customers who have bought solid wood bathroom cabinets know that the price of these bathroom cabinets is not cheap. It’s not enough to buy it for a year, and the bathroom cabinet is cracked, which is a terrible experience for consumers.

Today, Xiaobian will take everyone to see how to prevent cracking of the bathroom cabinet and prevent the small cracks in the cracking of the bathroom cabinet.

Under normal circumstances, the bathroom cabinet is subjected to a drying process during the production process. The woodiness that causes the swelling and shrinkage deformation is released before production. This can largely prevent cracking and deformation of the bathroom cabinet during use, but it is not absolute, and some maintenance should be paid attention to when using it.

Appropriately apply wood wax oil

The moisture of the wood It can’t be maintained by simply maintaining the proper air humidity in the room. For example, wood wax oil is like a skin moisturizing skin care product. Smeared on the solid wood bathroom cabinet, it will lock the moisture in the wood, prevent the bathroom cabinet from cracking, and it is not only useful for preventing drying, but also useful to prevent the solid wood bathroom cabinet from being too moist. It is generally recommended to apply a full-scale application with wood wax oil every 3-4 months.

Waterproof aluminum foil condensate natural enemies

According to the usual bathing experience, we will find that the bathroom basin or faucet in the bathroom encounters a lot of heat. Condensate, which will flow down the countertop into the bottom of the cabinet, causing the cabinet to mold and deform. If you can put a layer of waterproof aluminum foil or rubber pad on the bottom of the cabinet in time to solve this problem, put them on the bottom of the drawer to protect the bath while protecting against moisture.

appropriate humidity

If the climate is particularly dry, The bathroom cabinet can be slightly sprinkled with water to prevent cracking. North families can install humidifiers to increase the humidity indoors, which not only benefits people’s lives, but also helps the maintenance of bathroom cabinets.

Of course, don’t let the bathroom cabinet always be in a humid environment, lest The bathroom cabinet is mildewed. For example, long-term closeness of the bathroom cabinet to a damp wall will cause the wood to absorb moisture and swell, which is prone to cracking and mildew, and it is necessary to dehumidify frequently.

Thousands of thousands of solid wood bathroom cabinets have been cracked, and the customer’s anxious mentality can be understood. However, this phenomenon is often caused by improper use of the bathroom cabinet, not the quality of the bathroom cabinet. At this time, the salesperson of the bathroom store needs patience to help the customer find the real problem, and teach the customer how to maintain the bathroom cabinet during the use and solve the problem. If the consumer is still unclear, you can forward this WeChat to the customer to avoid unnecessary misunderstanding!


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