What kind of waterproof coating is good? This article teaches you how to easily solve home waterproofing

  Waterproof coating is one of the indispensable functional materials in the decoration of the house. Its quality directly affects the home improvement effect and affects the safety of daily life. Sex and comfort. So which piece of the family needs us to make a big splash? Simply speaking, it is the wall surface of the bathroom, the wall surface of the kitchen, the wall of the room and the floor of the balcony. So choosing a good waterproof coating is very important. However, there are so many types of waterproof coatings on the market. Which is better for waterproof coatings? Let’s follow the Xiaobian together to understand which brand of waterproof coating is good? Recommended for household waterproof coatings, teach you to easily solve the family waterproof.

   First, home decoration waterproofing problems

  1, Where to waterproof, be sure to know

   first figure out which piece of the house needs waterproof, usually kitchen, wall, balcony. If you live on the first floor and do a waterproof layer, the moisture-proof effect will be better.

  2, although waterproof, it is important to pay attention to environmental protection

  Waterproof coating is applied behind the floor tiles and cement, but its harmful objects will slowly release through the gap, then the air quality of our home is still Will it be alright?

  3, performance is different, each has its own good

   According to the characteristics of waterproof materials, they can be divided into four categories, acrylic, polyurethane, polymer polymers, also referred to as JS, flexible cement Four kinds of mortar.

&emsp ;   Second, kitchen waterproof: is important and necessary

   kitchen is in the home environment, water consumption Second only to the bathroom, although it does not spill water all over the floor like a bathroom, the lack of water-proof measures for the position of the drain and the water pipe will also cause a series of annoying problems.

  Recommended product: Waterproof mortar

  Recommended reason: Waterproof mortar is a general-purpose waterproof mortar, also called polymer cement waterproof coating, which is a mixture of modified polymer emulsion and cement mixed powder. Referred to as “JS waterproof coating”, it has excellent waterproof effect. It is non-toxic, harmless and non-polluting. It is an environmentally-friendly coating. It can be directly applied to the concrete surface and firmly bonded. The setting time is short. After 2 hours of construction, the next process can be carried out.

  1, the necessity of waterproofing the kitchen

  For the kitchen, many people doubt whether it is necessary to do waterproof, because it does not have the water in the bathroom, nor will it meet like a balcony. Rain drifting, clothing dripping. But Xiao Bian reminds that kitchen waterproofing is still indispensable.

  2, kitchen waterproof height

  The general kitchen floor will be waterproof, and the wall surface should also be waterproof. In addition, it is also preferable to provide a waterproof layer by turning 1.5 meters on the wall where the sink is placed. For the construction of kitchen waterproof coating, please refer to the general method of waterproof construction of bathroom mentioned on the previous page.

   There are many kinds of kitchen waterproof coatings on the market, mainly polyurethane, cement mortar, Acrylic and polymeric polymers. These four types of waterproof coatings have their own advantages in terms of water resistance. How to buy waterproofing paste? First of all, we must choose green and environmentally friendly. If the toxic and irritating waterproof materials will affect people’s physical and mental health. Secondly, waterproof materials should try to choose constructionSingle, labor saving and material saving. Finally, we must consider its waterproof time and waterproof performance, choose long waterproofing and good performance.

&emsp ;   Third, bathroom waterproof: is essential

   bathroom is the place with the most water, The waterproof treatment in the bathroom decoration is especially important, the waterproof is not done well, it is not only our own, but also disturbs the neighbors below, so the purchase of bathroom waterproof coating must be paid attention to during the decoration process.

  Recommended products: general purpose, flexible, K11, JS, GS waterproof coating/slurry, polyurethane Waterproof coating

  Recommended reason: the best waterproof material for bathroom renovation in home decoration is the use of polymer cement Base waterproof coating / slurry, the market name: general-purpose, flexible, K11, JS, GS waterproof coating / slurry, such products are non-toxic, harmless, pollution-free, simple and quick to construct, and cement substrate bonding It is characterized by tightness, long service life, strong waterproof effect and moderate price.

  1, waterproof requirements:

  The bathroom is waterproof. The standard practice is that the ground needs to be done all at all. The wall should be at least 1.8 meters high, if it is a light wall, then it must be To be full.

  2, waterproof material:

   The most easy to seep in the bathroom is the yin and yang angle, the pipe, the sanitary ware, the floor drain and other places, so the most waterproof when using the kitchen and bathroom waterproofing paste, the first key parts to strengthen Then, the whole is waterproof, so that it can meet the requirements of waterproofing.

  Options tips:

  The choice of bathroom wall waterproofing materials can not be underestimated. Ordinary residential toilets are small and have pipelines and floor slabs. Therefore, the coatings are often waterproof and rarely waterproof. There are two kinds of waterproof materials for bathroom wall surface coatings: synthetic polymer—polyurethane waterproof coating (such as polyester cloth, fiberglass cloth, etc.); high polymer modified asphalt type— SBS waterproof coating (need to add carcass reinforcement polyester cloth, fiberglass cloth, etc.); asphalt-based waterproof coating is basically no need.

&emsp ;  Fourth, room wall waterproof: it is important to pay attention to

   room is the place where the owner is leisurely. It is also the place that most affects the mood. For the owner, the moisture-proof, waterproof, crack-resistant and stain-resistant performance of the wall coating is very important. Besides, it is better to have a beautiful appearance and rich coloring performance in order to make the owner relax.

  Recommended product: wall paint

  Recommended reason: Wall waterproofing in the home decoration industry has always been the focus. If not handled properly, it will bring great trouble to daily life and affect the family. All kinds of furniture problems, so be careful when doing waterproofing on the wall. The interior wall paint and diatom mud waterproof material have decorative functions and should be used for waterproofing and decoration of roof and wall. It has good weather resistance, easy to scrub, and easy to care for the wall.

  1, base processing is the foundation

  The base surface must be cleaned before construction to ensure that it is firm, flat, clean, free of dust, greasy, wax, mold release agent, etc., if there are defects such as voids and cracks. It must be repaired and smoothed with cement mortar in advance, and the yin and yang corners should be smeared in a circular arc shape. GuaranteeKeep the base surface moist when there is no clear water.

  2, pay attention to the brushing method

  When the brush is evenly applied, be careful not to leak the brush; keep the angle of vertical intersection when brushing two times before and after, to fully cover the position; single brush should not be too thick , especially at the nozzle and corner, should not exceed 1mm to prevent cracks after drying.

  Options tips:

   For some wall surfaces that are easily damp and damp, the wall paint is more suitable for long-term haze-stricken rooms, while the latex wall paint is relatively stable in waterproof and moisture-proof performance. . The use of wall paint is easier to refurbish and repair. If the wall surface is mildewed or yellowed due to moisture, the cost of refurbishing or repairing the wall is relatively low. Of course, if economic conditions permit, you can choose a higher price diatom mud, which has better waterproof and moisture resistance, and is also a very environmentally friendly coating.

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