What issues should I pay attention to when buying a roll welder?

With the development of technology, the construction site changes in construction units are also changing with each passing day. Many automated steel processing equipment began to appear on the construction site. Many road and bridge engineering and tunnel engineering projects now require steel processing equipment. However, many construction units are not very familiar with the steel processing equipment, and they are blind when they choose to purchase steel processing equipment. The steel cage rolling welder is the most advanced equipment for processing and producing steel cages. Now let’s share with you what issues you should pay attention to when buying a roll welder.

1, the reducer on the steel cage welding machine is the most expensive and most critical part of the steel cage welding machine. When choosing to buy, be sure to ask what brand of reducer is used. According to the quality of the reducer, the quality of the entire steel cage roll welder can be roughly judged.
2, the motor equipped with the steel cage welding machine is also a more critical component, the same as the reducer.
3, steel cage roll welder in the production of different diameters of the cage required to replace the template, the shape of the sleeve on the template and the size of the sleeve hole has a greater impact on the usual production quality and production speed, view Whether the sleeve is professional or not is critical for future use.
4, steel cage rolling welder travel mode has two kinds of chain drive and gear transmission, in general, the gear drive is more precise and reliable, but carefully ask whether the gear is strong and durable.
5, many manufacturers make a big fuss in the PLC control panel and finished hydraulic support, in fact, these things are some gimmicks, have little effect on the normal use of the whole machine.

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