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First machine on April 20th officially open for registration! Hot docking team docking person

& ldquo;Small honey scouring entity new retail ➕ blockchain ➕ social new mode 4.20 days The test started, created by China Scene Technology Valley and Bendao Group, with endorsement of brand, endorsement of brand, strength guarantee, selection of global quality products, and providing consumers with true “easy to use, high quality and cost-effective products!”

Consumption is a partner, peaches & ldquo; Amoy, the income is inexhaustible, share the blockchain era trillion e-commerce dividends, 2018 steady earned, step by step win!! ️

On April 11th, World WeChat Conference Xiaomi Tao revealed Xiaotaotao Blockchain Project

Opening a global conference on May 20th!

At the end of June, Xiaomi Tao’s digital assets on the international trading market

In July, China’s second legal digital currency trading center was listed in Hangzhou, and Xiaomi Tao became a group of companies

7 At the end of the month, the Global Partner Leadership Conference was held

In October, Xiaomi Tao 2.0 was officially released, and the new retail plan was officially launched.

The December Xiaomi Tao Commendation Conference, Tourism Conference

Xiaomi Tao’s new model 7 highlights: making money and earning soft hands.

1 Blockchain + Social + New Retail: Challenge the shopping experience you have never had before.

2 Three billion-level enterprises have made great efforts to build 3.0 e-commerce after Taobao Jingdong.

2 China Scene Technology Valley: a leading company in the virtual reality industry.

3 Bendao Group: a leading company in the product operation industry.

3 Realize the virtual and real scene shopping system: online and offline cross-test shopping experience.

4 Application advantages of blockchain technology:

1 Traceability: The source of each item can be traced back.

2 Open and transparent: Every partner keeps abreast of the operation of the platform.

3 irreversible: to ensure the authenticity of each data, fair and equitable.

4 Free circulation: circulation produces value, value guarantees price,

Guarantees peach (now 1 peach = 0.1 yuan) unlimited value-added space.

5 Consumers are partners (bonus system):

1 Take 100% of the peaches for your own consumption.

2Share 50% of the peaches that others have consumed.

3You can become a business partner by spending 398 yuan package.

4 Venture Partners recommend entrepreneurial partners to receive 1,000 peaches.

5 directly promoted 5 entrepreneurial partners, and the team was upgraded to a dream partner with 30 people.

6 Dream Partners recommend a venture partner to get 2,000 peaches.

7 Dream Partners enjoy the 1000 points of peaches recommended by the entrepreneurial partner under the umbrella.

8 dream partners enjoy the spot awards recommended by the dream partner under the umbrella of 200 peaches.

9 directly pushed 150 entrepreneurial partners, and the team was upgraded to a star partner with more than 1,000 people.

10 star partners recommend entrepreneurial partners to get 2,500 peaches.

11 star partners enjoyed the 1500 peaches recommended by the entrepreneurial partner under the umbrella.

12 star partners enjoy the 500 points of peaches recommended by the dream partner under the umbrella.

13 star partners enjoy the spot awards recommended by the star partners under the umbrella of 100 peaches.

6 The role of peach:

1 Dividend attribute: Participate in the profit distribution of the platform according to the proportion of peaches held.

2 Equity attributes: Peach holders will become shareholders written on the blockchain.

3 value-added attributes: Peach can enjoy the appreciation space brought by the development of the platform.

4 Property rights: The company cannot tamper with, cannot be revoked, and cannot be recovered.

5 Circulation attributes: Users can choose to transfer to the company at 1:0.1 yuan,

or freely circulate with each other.

7 Strategic Planning of the Company: Online Development Period & Rarr; Offline Development Period & Rarr; Integrated Listing Period

2018 Target: 300,000 Owners with a turnover of 500 million


2019 target: 800,000 shopkeepers with a turnover of 1 billion

2020 target: 2 million shop owners with a turnover of 5 billion

2021 target: 3.5 million shop owners, The turnover is 8 billion

The goal of 2022 is: 5 million shop owners with a turnover of 10 billion.

Consumers have changed their shareholder’s grasp of the trend of the times.

Are you ready?

Simple understanding of the promotion system

Xiaomi Tao is calculated at the current price of 0.1 yuan/piece (there is a lot of room for growth!)


398 yuan

Gift package

Reward 39.8 yuan

Directly push 1 person to reward 100 yuan

Venture partner

Directly push 5 partners, team 30 people

Directly push one person to reward 200 yuan

Infinite generation to see 100 yuan

Under the team umbrella, unlimited generations see 20 yuan

Star Partner

Directly push 5 entrepreneurial partners, team 1000 people

Directly push 1 person to reward 250 yuan

Infinite generation to see 150 yuan

Entrepreneur partner team under the umbrella of unlimited generations to see 50 yuan

Level team umbrella under the infinite generation to see 10 yuan

Company total order 1% weighted dividends

Total sales performance of the company 1% weighted dividends

Beyond the red man’s clothing ❗ Chu Chu push &# 10071; 股股帮❗ Global Catcher, Fuel Saving No.1! All funds…Air coins!

Team strength

Our team The internal training is perfect and detailed every day, so that every agent can quickly become a big coffee from Xiaobai!

First. We have a strong gold medal instructor group;

second. We have our own dedicated news promotion platform,

third. Join all members of our team to enjoy the promotion policy,

Fourth. The team’s two sessions a day make it easy for you to make big coffee,

fifth. The team backed up to hold more than 3,000 network promotion companies to lay the foundation, and help each member to do it. We are the support that all the micro-business teams can’t give. Learn more, please join us, all the support policies of our team let us You develop a lot, teach you how to post on Baidu, and search on the dog. Xiaomi Tao official docking WeChat: QQ9968134

Welcome All the big coffees join the Xiaomi Tao God of War system, your marketing is done by the team! You only need to do communication, transaction, group interaction, forwarding friends circle! Xiaomi Tao Xiaomi Tao God God system report center micro signal: QQ9968134

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