What is the satisfaction of consumer home improvement? A questionnaire tells you

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Consumers are not aware of home improvement There is no time to participate in the monitoring of the decoration process, etc., and the problems in the decoration process are heavy and the satisfaction with the results is low. For a long time, it is extremely unfavorable to the development of the industry. Appeal to all enterprises to promote themselves and people, from the consumer point of view, do a good job of quality and reputation, this is the way for the company’s long-term development.

According to the Deputy Director of the Consumer Protection Bureau of the State Administration for Industry and Commerce, in 2017, the national industrial and commercial and market supervision departments accepted a total of 137,800 consumer complaints about home improvement, up 37.8% year-on-year. Among them, the complaints about decoration and building materials were the most, with a total of 66,200; the number of complaints about furniture was 53,100; and the number of complaints about decoration and decoration was 22,100.

From the above data, we can easily see that many consumers are less satisfied with home improvement, so what is it willing to cause? What are the bad problems in the decoration process? How many? The decoration effect can meet the requirements of the owner? Does the decoration material meet the expectations of the owner?

With these questions, Bo Rui Decoration and Sina Home and LeTeng Home launched the “Consumer Home Furnishing Satisfaction Questionnaire”. We closed 1386 questionnaires and 1379 valid questionnaires before the deadline. From the results of the questionnaire, we can clearly get the answers to the above questions.

I. Survey population

The age of the participants in this survey is basically between 20-30 years old, followed by It is between 30-40, which is also the main consumer group in the current home improvement market.

Of all the people surveyed, 71.43% were renovated for the first time, and 21.43% were renovated two houses, three The number of people in the set and above is relatively small.

In the survey, half of the people spent a lot of energy and time on the feeling of home improvement, and felt that the decoration was a very troublesome thing; 33.93% of people think that they don’t know the decoration process at all, and they have doubts about the decoration effect; 16.07% think that the decoration cost a lot of money, but the result is not what they want.

Second, the most worrying thing in home improvement

With many home improvement disputes, after many newspapers, many consumers Before the renovation, it was a reminder. In the survey, 92.86% of the owners were worried that the decoration company would cut the work and reduce the quality of the decoration; 75% worried about the hidden trap in the decoration contract; 73.21% worried that the acceptance was not qualified but could not be properly handled, and secondly, the design was not More than half of the people who are reasonable, the price of the scale, the delay in the construction period, etc. are also worried about the above problems.

Therefore, it is especially important when choosing a home improvement company. You must choose a regular unit with good brand reputation, strength, and after-sales system.

Third, the recognition of home improvement

89.29% of consumers believe that construction quality is the most important in the home improvement process The content is followed by practicality, price, comfort and environmental protection.

Consumption It is believed that the quality, grade, brand and management of the construction materials seriously affect the quality and effect of the decoration. However, 55.36% of the participants felt that they did not have time to monitor the quality and progress of the decoration. Only 7.14% of the respondents thought that they knew the interior decoration and decoration materials very well. More than half of them said they knew a little or even completely.

Under such circumstances, it is necessary for the decoration company to give professional advice and suggestions, and correctly guide consumers to clearly explain the materials, processes and possible additions, and to eliminate ambiguous claims, leading to the later stage. The situation that can’t be closed.

Fourth, how to choose a reliable decoration company

75% of participants said that their home improvement is introduced by friends Found a home improvement company; followed by 41.07% of people directly to find designers; and some are Internet home improvement companies found online; only 7.14% of people are looking for road decoration workers.

It is not difficult to see that consumers are more convinced that there are branded decoration companies for the decoration. For the early road decoration team, the model has gradually been eliminated by the market.

So, what factors do consumers need to have in their minds?

From the data we It is seen that most consumers prefer a decorative company with perfect after-sales service. It also requires the decoration company to have excellent designers and service quality, and has a certain brand image and influence in the industry. These various factors are indeed important aspects to consider whether a decoration company is reliable. If you want to gain wider favor from consumers, you must constantly build a good reputation in the industry.

Conclusion: With the continuous development of the home improvement industry, the market is gradually transparent, consumers have more windows to obtain rich home improvement knowledge, forcing a lot of extensive management of decorative companies to gradually formalize.

WhenOf course, there are also a small number of decoration companies still adopting a mode of abduction to gain customers and tarnish the industry. Therefore, we call on everyone to be a conscience enterprise and to do word-of-mouth marketing. This is the way for the company to develop rapidly.

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