What is the price of the smart toilet cover?

  The toilet is a durable product, so after using the toilet for a long time, the first thing to be damaged is the toilet tank fitting, which is the toilet lid. At present, the proportion of toilets without water tanks is actually quite high, because the toilet tanks will have problems. The second problem is the toilet lid. Today, let’s take a look at the price of the toilet lid, which is convenient for damage and new products. .

  The price of the toilet lid is generally not accurately described. First of all, we need to narrow down the wide vocabulary of the toilet lid. For example, we can divide it into: ordinary toilet lid and smart toilet lid, which can be explained in two aspects according to the price of the ordinary toilet lid and the price of the smart toilet lid.

 Ordinary Toilet Coverage

   The price of a cheap ordinary toilet cover is about 15 yuan – 100 yuan. The price of this type of ordinary toilet cover is quite low, and the performance of the product is relatively simple. Generally, it has a function of slow down, quick release, and intimate pad.

   medium ordinary toilet cover price is about 100 yuan – 200 yuan, generally PP material descending The cover plate and the PP material cover are safer and more environmentally friendly.

  The price of a good ordinary toilet cover is about 200 yuan – 350 yuan. The toilet seat at this price is already very good, because it is not a smart toilet cover, so there is no complicated function. Therefore, in terms of material and design, it has been a relatively high quality product. There are also some big brands of toilet seats that will be more expensive, such as Kohler, and can even reach about 550 yuan.

  Smart Toilet Price

   Cheap smart toilet cover price is about 800 yuan – 1,500 yuan. Because it is a smart cover, it has three basic functions: seat heating, hot water washing, and warm air drying. Other functions such as mobile APP, voice broadcast, etc., are less prominent at this price point.

   medium smart toilet cover price 1,500 yuan – 3000 yuan. The smart toilet seat at this price will add some more user-friendly design in addition to the basic functions, such as the hot and warm air drying function of the seat, there are three temperature options, namely hot water washing and warm air drying. The function can adjust the intensity of the washing and the wind strength of the warm air, and the speed of the water is also faster, and the stability of the water temperature is higher.

  The price of high-quality smart toilet cover is about 3,500 yuan – 6000 yuan. This type of smart toilet cover is basically a product of big brands at home and abroad, such as Kohler, TOTO, Panasonic and so on. And there should be high-speed things such as front spray, intelligent deodorization, intelligent control handle, mobile APP, ABS material, etc., in terms of quality, it is also a lever, ergonomic design, sedentary and not tired.

  The local version of the smart toilet cover price is basically maintained at 8,000 yuan – about 20,000 yuan, this local product, In general, in addition to being too expensive, it is difficult to find the slot of the product (you can’t afford to buy the slot, of course). In the hot wash function, a bubble massage is added, and there is soft lighting at night, which can be Automatic sensing, seat and antibacterial effect.

   Summary: The above is the specific situation of the toilet cover price, Xiaobian suggested to buy a smart toilet to try it out and experience it. Especially in the winter.


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