What is the difficulty in refurbishing granite?

Granite, commonly known as granite, is mainly composed of minerals such as quartz, mica and feldspar. The Mohs hardness is about 6.5. Although it is hard in texture, it is prone to weathering and wear after long-term use, especially when it is often in contact with water. At this time, a small amount of concave pitting appears on the surface of the stone, and there is a feeling of unevenness when touched by hand. As the number of granites increases, the surface brightness of the granite decreases, losing its original luster. At this time, it is necessary to restore the luster of the stone by refurbishment.
   However, there are often many problems after the renovation of granite. The most common problem is that it will not be lit up after renovation. The first reaction of many people is that the polishing agent can’t be done. If you change the medicine, you can get out of it, but if you change the medicine, you still can’t emit light. What is going on? In fact, the refurbishment of granite has corresponding requirements for various aspects such as construction process, machinery and equipment, materials, etc. No matter which aspect is not operated according to the specifications, it is difficult to illuminate after renovation.

   Why is the polishing not polished after the renovation of the granite? First, analyze from the construction process:

   1. We should consider whether the granite has been used in the whole construction process, especially if it is coated with water before polishing. .

   If the protective agent is not applied, the water will enter the interior of the stone during grinding, which will not only cause polishing problems, but also cause other problems such as water spots and rust yellow. In addition, the solvent-based protective agent should be applied before the polishing process, and if it is not applied, the polishing effect will be affected.

   Second, it is necessary to analyze whether there is a jump in the process of granite renovation. There are two cases of the jumper mentioned here, one is that the number of the grinding plate is not increased step by step. For example, if 150# directly grinds 500#, the middle 300# is omitted, which will not only affect the effect of post-polishing, but if the dark granite omits 300#, it will also cause the color to be unrecoverable.

   In the second case, the jumper refers to the use of refurbished hard pieces in the early cutting, and the fine grinding of the pieces in the back, so that the scratches left by the previous cuts cannot be eliminated. It will cause the polishing to not shine later.

   3. No water absorption in time. This problem is often overlooked. If it is not possible to absorb water every time it is finished, the scratches will not be completely eliminated after the grinding, which will directly affect the later polishing.

   Secondly, from the analysis of polishing materials:

   1, “Workers must first sharpen their tools”, granite renovation Choose a special grinding machine for stone, and do not use non-professional equipment such as scrubbers.

   2. When the granite was refurbished, there was no special refurbished piece.

   3. The refurbished granite is polished on the basis of polishing.

   It can be seen from the above analysis that the factors that can not be polished after the renovation of granite are not only materials, we can from “people, machines, materials, rings, laws, books”, etc. Several aspects to analyze one by one.

   Among them, the most critical factor is actually people. Granite refurbishment has high technical requirements for construction workers. The machine needs people to operate. The materials need people to choose. The process needs people to formulate, implement and supervise.

   Therefore, if you need to deal with granite renovation projects, you must first train the construction personnel to master the standard process of granite renovation.
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