What is the difference between solid wood flooring and laminate flooring?

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Solid wood and laminate flooring Comparable price/performance ratio

Solid wood flooring is the ideal material for indoor floor decoration. Natural and rustic, it can create the most intimate living environment. It has good elasticity and comfortable feet. It is warm in winter and cool in summer, and can adjust indoor temperature. And humidity. It does not emit harmful gases, it is a real green home improvement material. However, the high price of solid wood flooring with high quality natural wood has made many people discouraged and gave a large part to other types of flooring. Market.

The substrate of the laminate flooring is medium-density or high-density fiberboard and particleboard with good stability. The surface layer is impregnated decorative paper with wear-resistant material, which guarantees The abrasion resistance of the surface layer is not only resistant to cigarette burning, but also good for scratch resistance and stain resistance. Due to the industrialized products, coupled with the mature technology and large scale of production, the price of laminate flooring in all floors is high. The lowest, and most popular.

The solid wood composite floor has been improved on the basis of solid wood flooring, which continues the natural advantages of the appearance, overcomes the shortcomings of the solid wood floor, and has better stability, but the problem of insufficient hardness and wear resistance during use. It also makes businesses and consumers feel anxious. This kind of floor not only can effectively save wood resources, but also has environmental advantages, and more importantly, its price is only about half of solid wood flooring.

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The difference between the space for solid wood flooring and laminate flooring

The use of solid wood flooring and laminate flooring is most important to the actual situation of consumers. The characteristics of solid wood flooring are that it must be maintained, the deformation rate is high, the wear resistance is low, and the service life is short. However, the advantage of having a composite floor is that the solid wood and the foot feel good. Composite flooring is divided into reinforced composite and solid wood composite. The characteristics of the reinforced composite are: high wear resistance, no maintenance, long life, but it has a disadvantage, that is, the foot feel is relatively poor.

The difference between solid wood flooring and laminate flooring for people

1 Company staff is suitable for solid wood flooring

Whether it is new hires or professional masters, white-collar workers in the workplace, after the brutal workplace competition, the most wanted after returning home after work and day after night is a warm embrace.

The so-called warmth is a sense of solidity and security, characterized by nature and comfort. The floor that can meet this requirement is of course a variety of solid wood flooring, the color is common.

2, suitable for composite flooring in schools, hospitals, and government agencies

The life of this group of people is simple and stable. They are suitable for elegant home decoration style, simple and clean overall style is like Their work is plain and extraordinary.

The clean home space should be equipped with a crystal lacquered composite floor. This type of floor is light in color and has no pattern. It can improve the overall brightness of the home space. It is the absolute finishing touch of home decoration.

After reading the above introduction, is it not tangled when I choose? hope this helps.

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