What is the difference between a T-shaped door and a flat door?

As a big category in the home furnishing industry, wooden doors have gradually matured in recent years. However, in the face of the choice of wooden door types, many consumers still have many doubts, so for the two types of wooden doors commonly found on the market, T-type Doors and peace gates, how should we choose?
   Xiaobian is here to give you a simple science from three dimensions. What is the difference between the T-door and the Peace Gate?

   First, it is the difference in design. From the lateral side of the door leaf, the traditional flat door is square, and there is a 3 mm gap between the door leaf and the door frame; while the T-shaped door leaf is a capital “T”, the door leaf and the door cover adopt a double curved tooth structure, and the bite is tight, and then With special sealing strips, its privacy and sound insulation are several times higher than ordinary flat doors. The design of the T-shaped door was inspired by Germany during the Second World War. At that time, people suffered from the wind and the sound of gunfire, so they changed the style of the door to reduce the impact of harsh environment on life. After the end of the war, this kind of T-shaped door with good performance in sound insulation, sealing and heat preservation was widely promoted. Until today, the heat is still not reduced, especially the domestic T-shaped door leader Holtz, whose products are large. Favored by consumers.

   Second, there are differences in the materials. On the core material, the common flat door on the market mainly uses MDF, particle board, honeycomb paper, etc. as the filling material, and some even have no filling at all. Such a wooden door has poor flatness, is not resistant to impact, and is easily bendable and deformed. The T-shaped door adopts the German Sauerland core board and is filled with E0-level environmental protection bridge mechanics environmental protection materials. It not only has excellent sealing properties, good stability, and is not easy to be deformed, but also extremely environmentally friendly. The formaldehyde emission is less than 0.5MG/L. The highest environmental standards in China. On the decorative material, the German imported Dutra surface material on the surface of the T-shaped door has considerable scratch resistance and flame retardancy, while the surface of the flat door is mostly PVC and PVT material, which is not only scratch-resistant, but also easy to stay. Obvious traces, affecting the appearance.

   Finally, it is about the comparison of the two manufacturing processes. The flat door is simple in process and the equipment requirements are not high. Therefore, many small door factories have appeared in China. They are mass-produced and the quality of the products is not controlled. Due to the complexity of the process, the T-type door must have T-port professional equipment, requiring enterprises to invest large equipment funds. On the hardware accessories, the T-shaped door also has almost perfect requirements. Its exclusive mute lock is strictly manufactured according to the German industrial standard DIN18101. It requires that it must be opened and closed without sound, and the manufacturing process is extremely strict.

   Through the above three comparisons, I believe that consumers are already familiar with the purchase of wooden doors, I hope you can buy To the heart of the wooden door with excellent quality, good material and fine craftsmanship.
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