What is the current status of the original home market?

“Use beauty to create life for you”, this romantic slogan creates an atmosphere like a person who is placed in a sonnet. And this sentence is a major slogan in the direction of style positioning and propaganda of most domestic original design home brands. However, “beauty” is monotonous and destined to be “beautiful”.

There is a shortage of “beauty” Qualification makes “beauty” lose memory points

In addition to the rapid development of the economy to drive production capacity and spending power, Followed by people’s pursuit of quality. In this environment, in recent years, the domestic original home furnishing brand has become an increasingly important part of the layout of many home furnishing enterprises. Their outstanding brand style meets the requirements of the Chinese market and the public aesthetics. Designers also bring their own brand to the aura of quality and ultimate aesthetics through their own personal creativity.

This concept has won the favor of a large number of consumers. Today, the price regulation of consumption in China has gradually faded. People The product will be measured by a more multidimensional perspective such as quality style and practicality. This situation has greatly enriched the diversity of the Chinese home market, as long as you are different enough to get a place in this main battlefield. Many domestically produced original home brands have also taken this point, but they have also lost this. They have experienced a period of rapid development, followed by the hidden development bottleneck in the fierce competition – product homogenization.

The phenomenon of homogenization is becoming more and more obvious, and the degree of product differentiation and new product development time are becoming more and more limited. As far as domestically-made original homes are concerned, different brands, from production and sales, product styles to styles and colors, are all the same. Even some similar products are like twins. It’s beautiful to watch each one, but how do you put them together? Can’t let consumers remember. The same phenomenon of the product itself makes it easy for consumers to experience aesthetic fatigue. The heat gradually diminished, but there is no good way to maintain the wind. The situation of the original home brand is inevitably a bit embarrassing.

It’s not hard to see that the difference between the two brands of sofas from design layout to layout is not obvious. The overall style lacks recognition due to similar design. In the above situation, we analyzed the following two reasons:

Brand positioning makes the cost of innovation increase significantly >

Different from traditional home furnishing companies, pay attention to the overall style of the overall mix, the pursuit of 1+1 is greater than 2 expressions, original home brand More attention to the design of the single product, not to overlook the details of each style. As a result, development time and costs will increase dramatically.

Large companies talk about efficiency, talk about execution, talk about linkage, and original homes need more time because of scale and style. In terms of setting and style design, in terms of efficiency, it has been dropped a lot on the planning side. The speed of product change in the home market is accelerating, the rhythm of the enterprise update will be disturbed, and the problem will accumulate and realize the ability. Gradually weakening, in the long run, this series of chain reactions will have a negative impact on corporate development. Coupled with the original home brand is mainly led by the designer, this factor is too subjective to quantify, opaque features will also set more roadblocks in the future.

The above reasons also make the original product innovation of the original home products greatly reduced at the execution end, thus losing its biggest operating selling point, consumers The patience will not last long, will not wait for you to “grow up”, lost the “timeliness” and “design innovation” original home, it will lose its own gold signboard, business risks come one after another.

Survival can’t rely solely on “romantic”, a hot and humid ice market

Lack of a systematic business framework and industrial marketing chain, just relying on the “pursuit of beauty” is a difficult place in the home market Steady foothold, brand management is not an art creation, just walk through the clouds to laugh at the end, and then the great artistic inspiration to implement the product also needs to “land” in time. The domestically produced original home furnishing brand, which seems to be full of art, seems to be unaware of this development and is farther and farther on the road of petty bourgeoisie.

The market is not the artist’s canvas, but the product, marketing, and channel are all in line with the development of the puzzle, each ring is equally important. Only by winning the product, it is able to gain eyeballs for a short time, but the market is changing and the industrial structure is also Constantly shuffle and reorganize, every home enterprise is trying to explore, transforming and innovating, for fear of being eliminated, but many original home brands seem to be not “cold”. You change your position, I don’t move, just tight Grasping the product’s pulse, mainly highlighting the sense of design, this feature is enough to give me a share. The back-end marketing network’s paving and operation, the control of the market pace is not the main consideration.

If every brand is developed according to this number of roads, then the road will be “blocked” on the wide road. Only bet on product design This feature will become the biggest barrier for enterprise development. If enterprises do not find a breakthrough in the homogenization shadow, eliminate the homogenization of various channels and formulate a “differentiated” strategic policy, thus embarking on the difference. The road to brand building, then the original home furnishing company is very likely to be cleaned out in the wave of industry shuffling.

but overall Look, the emergence of original home brands is gratifying for the entire industry. Their emergence has led more companies to pay attention to product design. Original design has gradually become the foothold of industry and brand development. Design itself is no longer available. No paper talks about it, but it is truly integrated into our lives. This makes the product style of the domestic market no longer a copy of foreign brands. It increases the range of consumers’ choices and also stimulates the Chinese home market. Further development. What kind of action will there be in the domestic original home furnishing brand in the future?


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