What are the steps of tiling the floor tiles?

floor tileis the common floor decoration material in our decoration. It can be seen in every family. The quality of floor tiles will directly affect the daily use. Floor tilesWhat are the steps? Today Let’s learn the following through the following content: Floor tiles吧!

Floor tiles – soaked tiles

Before paving, you need to clean the selected tiles and put them in the water for soaking time. Not less than two hours. This is to make the floor tiles fully absorb water, avoid the moisture of other materials when the tiles are laid, affect the paving effect, and effectively reduce the appearance of empty drums and curled edges. After the floor tiles are soaked, the surface should be wiped clean for later construction.

Floor tile Leveling the line

In order to ensure the flatness of the floor tiles, you need to find the flat wire before the paving. If the area is not large, you can directly find a transparent tube with a diameter of 10 mm and stick the pipe tightly. On the wall, the other side oscillates in different wall positions. Each time it is swung to one place, when the horizontal is still, mark the mark, and then use the ink fountain to eject the corresponding ink line on each side according to the marked mark. If the space is large, you can use the level to level and also use the ink fountain to mark.

Floor tile – pre-patch stage

According to the above line markings to confirm the order and location of the floor tiles, each tile is pre-laid according to the pattern and texture. At the same time, the relative position of the floor tiles and the wall and the line should be confirmed. If the ground is on the ground, clean the base and sprinkle it to make the ground moist. If the ground is a glossy surface, you need to first chisel, then clean and sprinkle water.

Brick – Formal

After the above steps are completed, it is necessary to formally start to lay the floor tiles. The direction of the paving is mostly from the doors and windows or the balcony, and the layout is followed from left to right. If you want to moisten the ground, apply the cement mortar evenly on the back of the floor tile with a shovel, spread it on the floor in order, and gently tap the floor tile with a rubber hammer to make the cement mortar on the back fit the ground. It should be noted that the tile-laying port should be aligned with the horizontal line. After laying a row, you can use the ruler to level the horizontal direction. If there is a high part, you must use a hammer to flatten it to make the ground level uniform.

Floor tile Joint processing

After the floor tile is laid, it needs to be jointed, and the floor brick cement mortar can be completely dry before it can be constructed. Use caulking agent or white cement to fill the joints, apply them in the gap between the floor tiles, and dry them naturally.

Floor tile – cleaning and maintenance

The floor tile construction is prone to stains, mostly cement mortar. We can use the soft object such as rag to clean the surface of the tile. Make the ground more beautiful.

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