What are the precautions for buying smart toilets?

Is the smart toilet cover really practical? Many consumers will have such confusion when they are decorating their new home. With the popularity of smart toilets, more and more people will try such products, and it will indeed bring convenience to life. So what brand of smart toilet cover is good? Today, Xiaobian will introduce you in detail, then talk about the smart toilet cover purchase precautions, to provide reference for friends in need.
First, the smart toilet cover is really practical?

1, smart toilet cover advantages

Intelligent toilet cover has the biggest advantage is to provide people with automatic sterilization function . There are many bacteria in the toilet, and it is easy to cause infectious diseases by holding up the contact. The smart toilet lid can effectively kill bacteria and has great benefits in preventing bacterial infection, hemorrhoids, constipation and the like. In addition, the intelligent toilet lid can also bring cleaning function. After washing, it can also be heated and dried. The new massage function can meet the different flushing needs of men and women.

2, smart toilet cover shortcomings

Today’s smart toilet cover does not match all the toilets. Some home toilets are not installed because of the limited distance from the water tank. The intelligent toilet cover adopts an intelligent control panel surface, so the elderly and children are prone to misuse, affecting normal use, failing to achieve deodorizing, self-cleaning effects, and even causing malfunctions. The price of smart toilets is still very expensive today, and many families are discouraged.

Second, smart toilet cover purchase precautions

1, when buying a smart toilet cover, pay attention to whether it matches the toilet in the home. Since different toilets are different in length from the water tank, all smart toilet seats are not suitable. Please measure the size before purchase and confirm with the customer service.

2, the functionality of the smart toilet cover is very important, most of the smart toilet seats are equipped with a hip wash function, but the specific experience is very different. Conditional families can purchase toilet seats with baptism and child wash functions, which can meet special needs and be safer and safer to use.

3, the safety of the smart toilet cover is very important, some inferior products will have shortcomings such as leakage, high water temperature, drying and overheating, which directly affects the user experience. Therefore, when purchasing, you can pay attention to whether the product has corresponding protective measures, especially the design of the anti-electric wall is very important.

4, the purchase of a large brand of smart toilet cover is very important, this relationship after the quality of the product and after-sales service.
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