What are the highlights of ssc sharing life circle? Is it worth investing?

In 2017, the sharing economy has been recognized as a big trend in the future. In 2025, the economic capacity will exceed 20% of GDP, or 20 trillion. Use without possession, yours is mine, mine is yours, will be a big sharing trend. Ssc shared life circle In this era of great times, Anhui Weisuo Technology E-Commerce Co., Ltd. prepared a new era of entrepreneurship (Internet platform + sharing economy + sharing economy)!

ssc sharing life circle internet + The era of strategic emerging industry business model innovation needs to consider the changes in the special business environment brought about by the development of the new generation of information technology industry. In general, the future strategic emerging industry business model innovation needs to be based on “three ports and two conversions —— two information ports (people and things), two information conversion platforms (value and information) and a distributed value Create a port.

Entering this era of revolutionary change as a consumer role in the past production and consumption It will also be transformed and upgraded to become a consumer. Such as the rapid development of WeChat, from its gradual display of the power and penetration of it is not difficult to find, such a new consumption model & mdash; & mdash; & quot; consumer are gradually forming, and rapidly expand the influence.

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