What are the characteristics of hot tiles?

Whenever winter comes, the weather in the north is particularly cold. At this time, it is necessary to provide heating to warm people. The hot tiles on the market are very popular, and the demand for natural heating tiles is also high. At this time, many people are optimistic about the market of hot tiles, and want to join and understand the business related to hot tiles. Then, Xiao Bian will introduce to you the hot tiles to pay attention to what? What are the characteristics of hot tiles?
Wheat tiles to pay attention to which

For investors, first understand the hot tiles The necessary conditions for joining, so that your funds will not take greater risks. Then, we must first go to the headquarters of the heating tile to conduct on-the-spot investigations to find out whether their production equipment is perfect, whether the technology has outstanding points, and also understand the scale of the production of the enterprise, so as to avoid signing without knowing. A contract that lets you regret it. The second is to conduct in-depth communication with the manufacturer to understand the corporate culture, product quality, manufacturer’s operating conditions, core competitiveness and look at the company’s pre-training and marketing. This will ensure that wrong judgments and investments occur when joining hot tiles.

What are the characteristics of the heating tile

1, safety and environmental protection

The heating tile can play the role of warm core waterproofing, can be fully sealed and waterproof, and The chip itself is thermally conductive and non-conductive, and has the function of preventing leakage, so it is particularly safe. At the same time, the tile itself can be temperature-limited and fire-proof, so the tile determines its noise-free, formaldehyde-free, and carbon dioxide-free emissions.

2, high efficiency and energy saving

The far infrared heating chip of the heating tile is generally 2 to 8 mm below the surface of the tile, so the heat transfer and heat conduction are faster, and the effect is also Especially good. At the same time, the use cost of the heating tile is relatively low, about one hour per square meter can be intelligent temperature control below 0.016 kWh, and can also be reserved, can be timed, touch the display to control the temperature.

3, beautiful and durable

There are many varieties of heating tiles, such as polished tiles, polished glazed tiles, wood grain bricks, anti-ancient bricks and other multiple choices to meet the needs of consumers. demand. Therefore, it is hot and not dry, moisture-proof and anti-corrosion. And it is maintenance-free. Generally, the average life of warm core articles is more than 35 years, and the shelf life is 15 years. Even if it is necessary to repair, it is very simple.
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