What are the characteristics of applying waterborne floor paint?

After applying the water-based floor paint, the texture of the floor can be kept clear, and the gloss of the floor can be made longer. It can be said that the water-based floor paint has both decorative and outstanding environmental performance, and is very suitable for home decoration materials. Many families are in the decoration. Choosing wood flooring, but not everyone knows the daily care of wood flooring. To extend the service life, it is essential to choose a suitable water-based floor paint. Let’s take a look at the characteristics of water-based floor paint.
First, the characteristics of water-based floor paint

1, construction difficulty, leveling, the paint film is smooth and bright, with excellent anti-fouling effect.

2, water-based floor paint products can effectively resist the growth of common bacteria on the wooden surface.

3, the paint drying speed is faster, suitable for DIY or factory line painting operations.

4, qualified water-based floor paint products are very healthy and environmentally friendly, in line with environmental standards such as formaldehyde-free and eight heavy metals.

Second, the scope of application of water-based floor paint

Water-based floor paint is mainly suitable for indoor wood floors, wooden handrails, wooden countertops, decoration, siding and cabin floor, etc. It is widely used in homes, offices and entertainment venues.

What are the precautions for waterborne floor paint construction?

1, sanding the first surface of the wooden surface #180~#320 (depending on the adjustment of the wood condition).

2, remove the original floor surface impurities and oil stains before painting, keep dry, and then carry out construction.

3, water-based floor paint should be stirred before use, stir evenly before use, precipitation after a long time is a normal phenomenon.

4, water-based floor paint should not be applied too thick, it is recommended to use a multi-layer application method for construction, conventional 2 to 3 can be, the specific application should be based on the actual need to assess the number of layers.

5. It is recommended that the wood moisture content be below 18%.

Third, suitable construction environment for water-based floor paint

Suitable temperature: 10 °C ~ 35 °C

Air humidity: 75% or less

The temperature and humidity will affect the drying time of the water-based floor paint. The drying time is 30 minutes at room temperature and 4 hours for firming.

Painting time interval: no less than 4 hours

Coating area: 10m2~12m2/liter (different materials will vary)
<br涂 Coating method: mainly adopts two methods of brushing and spraying. The water-based floor paint product does not need to be diluted and can be used directly.

Fourth, the shelf life of water-based floor paint

Unopened for 2 years (normally), please close the can lid after opening to avoid skinning to extend the storage period, please Run out as soon as possible.

V. Which brands are mainly included in water-based floor paints

There are currently common brands on the market: Green Bo, Carpoly, Wo Lei, Scitech, Fuk Lok Court and Fang, Meilin, etc. Foreign imported brands include Bona paint in Sweden, LOBA in Germany, JUNCKY in Denmark, etc.

Summary: Regular water-based floor paint products usually have instructions for use. Construction should be carried out with reference to the instructions, and the construction methods should be finely adjusted according to product characteristics. The above is the characteristics of the water-based floor paint and the construction precautions that the home sister summed up for you.
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