What about the cliff scenery? I know it when I went to Chongqing Ordovician.

September 6th The unfathomable cliff is a forbidden place in the eyes of others, but there is a place in Chongqing where the cliff is no longer cold, but it can be close, and it can be ridiculous. It has attracted many urban people who are under pressure to come to the card. Recently, the author was informed that the famous Orchard of Chongqing, famous for its high-altitude projects in the country, is about to open a number of projects in version 2.0 this month. These newly opened and characteristic projects on the edge of the cliff also mark the characteristics of mountainous landforms. Chongqing finally ushered in the first cliff scenic spot.

Numerous Pro Cliff Projects are coming online

& ldquo; Currently, the newly opened Cliff Project It is in the final stage of commissioning and it is expected that the first six extremely exciting cliff projects will be opened in the first half of this month. Yesterday, the relevant person in charge of the Dream Ordovician said in an interview with the media.

It is reported that these six projects are built on the edge of the cliff, namely the cliff machine, the glass ladder, the cliff ladder, the cliff screaming, the cliff flying and the 20-meter terrorist swing.

Among them, some projects are called a super-enhanced version of traditional playground equipment. For example, the Jumping Machine is a traditionally built-up jumper built on the edge of a 300-meter cliff, allowing visitors to experience the horror of the cliff when they ascend to the top. The volley flying is an enhanced version of the high-altitude flying chair, the height is increased from 10 meters to nearly 50 meters, and as the height rises, you can enjoy a 360-degree view of the cliff landscape. The ultimate experience of picking clouds in the air.

The first batch of open projects also have new projects that have never appeared in Chongqing. For example, the glass ladder project is on the edge of the cliff, and the stairs that will be used for visitors to climb up are built into a transparent glass staircase. Compared with the traditional glass bridge, the actual experience will be even more shocking and let you feel. A strange stun experience that climbs to the top. For example, the real-life climbing project fills the gap in Chongqing without a real-life climbing project. Visitors can experience the thrill of conquering a 300-meter cliff through a soft rope covered from the bottom of the valley to the cliff.

In addition, the 20-meter cliff swing broke the record of the 18-meter cliff swing of the Ordovician network, and it is bound to become another hot red-hot project. & ldquo; Moreover, the 20-meter cliff swing compared to the previous 18-meter swing, not only the swing length is longer, the distance from the bottom of the valley is also deeper, the degree of stimulation burst. The person in charge said.

Chongqing Cliff Scenic Area Formally Formed

Tourism expert Wang Ning said that Ordovician The representative of Chongqing Hongjing District has always been known for its high-altitude projects, whether it is the world’s longest cantilever glass promenade and the mdash;— sky gallery, which combines the perspective of glass and the shaking feeling of the suspension bridge. The glass suspension bridge is still the 18-meter cliff swing that the British “Daily Mail” admired. The world’s nine most thrilling high-altitude projects selected by foreign media are “suddenly struggling, built on the edge of the cliff. In September, with the opening of a large number of new Linya projects, the concept of the cliff landscape in Ordovician is bound to take shape.

He said that Chongqing is one of the most popular tourist resources in the city with high landforms as the main tourist resources. The major scenic spots are competing to build a temporary plank road. example. However, Chongqing did not lack a scenic model that could combine cliff resources and interactive experience, so that the cliff is no longer a cold carrier, but an experiential project that can be played and played.

& ldquo; From this perspective, the cliff scenic area Ordovician filled this gap. Wang Ning said that with the opening of a large number of new Linya projects, it is bound to make the Ordovician concept of cliffs more shaped, and China has added another kind of scenic spot. (Correspondent Li Yang)

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