Vipshop will promote social e-commerce transformation, financial business welcomes new imagination

On May 15th, the US-listed e-commerce Vipshop will announce the Q18 financial report for 2018. The financial report shows that Vipshop will achieve 22 consecutive quarters of profit, with a net revenue of RMB19.9 billion in the first quarter. With a year-on-year growth of 24.6%, it is actively promoting the transition from shelf e-commerce to social e-commerce, from diversion thinking to fission thinking.

During the quarter, the financial business sector developed rapidly, further embodying the driving force of the growth engine. The ARPU value of the product will drive the price of the VIP shop, increase the user’s stickiness, etc., showing a strong strength. At the same time, with Vipshop to promote the transformation of social e-commerce and focus on the rejuvenation strategy, Vipshop is expected to gain more traffic and scenario users, providing more room for innovation and deeper deployment of financial business scenarios.

Digging deeper into user value to help e-commerce platform continue to make profits

Financial report shows that Vipshop’s per capita consumption in the first quarter increased by 25% year-on-year; per capita orders increased by 25% year-on-year; The rate was 86%, up from 77% in the same period last year, and 96% of orders were purchased by repeat customers. A stable, highly viscous, strong purchasing power group is inseparable from the effective help of financial business.

During the quarter, by continuing to dig deep into the financial value of Vipshop Mall users, Vipshop provides financial services including supply chain finance, consumer finance, payment, wealth management, internet insurance, and credit reporting. A variety of financial services, effectively pull the unit price of Vipshop Mall, improve user stickiness, and make an important contribution to enhance the ARPU value of Vipshop users. Vipshop will open the sale for 24 hours. The amount of money paid by users using Vipshop will account for more than 22% of the total sales of the store. The average customer price of users using Vipshop is 107.97 yuan higher than that of non-Vipshop users.

Deeply cultivating young customers 95 Financial users are growing rapidly

Vipshop will deeply cultivate the post-90s customer base and focus on the younger user strategy. Since mid-2017, after the 90s, it has become the highest proportion of Vipshop users. As of the first quarter of 2018, the number of customers after 90% accounted for nearly 40%, and nearly half of the new users were after 90. With the increase of age after 90s and the diversification of social roles, the gap between the customer price and the per-capita order and the whole station is gradually narrowing, and the trend of becoming the main consumer is clear.

At the same time, the consumer finance business also reflects the trend of rejuvenation of e-commerce. According to the data of the first quarter of 2018, Vipshop will use the highest proportion of users after the 90s and 95s, which are 13.1% and 12.4% respectively, higher than the users after 80s and 70s. Among them, the proportion of the post-95 Vipshop users’ installment purchases to the total consumption amount is 1.8 times that of the overall users.

From the perspective of the age distribution of users who purchase Vipshop financial products, in the first quarter of 2018, the 90% users who purchased wealth management products through the Vipshop platform accounted for the highest proportion, 40.3%.

In the future, Vipshop will also work together with Vipshop Mall to make more active attempts from commodities, products, brands, services, etc. The attraction of the group.

Deepening innovation and exploring multi-channel empowerment to form a joint force

This quarter, in accordance with the strategic cooperation agreement with Tencent and JD, Vipshop’s flagship store in Jingdong APP on March 14th The full display of the home page, the WeChat wallet entrance is also open to all WeChat users in April, which is an important achievement of the tripartite strategic cooperation.

“The traffic brought by the cooperation portal will have a gradual process, and it needs to cooperate with more refined operations to achieve the matching of new crowds and scene requirements. In the future, Vipshop will adhere to the quality e-commerce model of quality and e-commerce, and build a younger, more gameplay and more advancing with the times based on the advantages of younger customers and active exploration of social e-commerce. Vipshop, this will give Vipshop a new imagination.

On the one hand, actively explore the VIP business of social e-commerce, from diversion thinking to fission thinking, and together with Tencent and Jingdong to create a more complete e-commerce ecology, all-channel empowerment of the ecosystem, Vipshop Finance is expected to target more users and further expand the user base and business scale;

On the other hand, as Vipshop will be based on high-quality young customers, changes in consumer behavior and consumption In the insight of the main group iteration, increasing efforts to promote the younger brand’s younger strategy will bring more precise users to Vipshop Finance and provide more room for development of financial business scenarios and deeper deployment.

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