Venezuela enacts a peace plan to build a special operations brigade to combat murder

People’s Network Caracas, February 15 (Reporter Wu Zhihua) Venezuelan President Maduro announced on the 14th at the rally in General Zamora, capital of Caracas, that the government has newly enacted Peace Plan, to strengthen national social security management and create a community of peaceful residents.

President Maduro said that “this peace plan will be implemented in accordance with 10 strategic guidelines”, the main contents of which are: improving the efficiency of the police system, the government will expand the National Guard’s Compilation, so that the scope of the National Guard’s work covers all parts of the country, better “to take responsibility for protecting the people”. The government continued to implement the “disarmament plan” and set up more than 600 work points across the country to encourage people to take the initiative to turn over their weapons. In order to advance the peace movement, the “High Commission for Peace and Life” was established, and the Minister of Development of the Western Region of the Government was appointed as the chairman of this committee. Led by the Ministry of Sports, the Ministry of Culture, the Ministry of Information and the Venezuelan Social Television, from March 1st, a tour of culture, sports and music will be held throughout the country to promote the concept of peace. Establish special operations brigades for police and military specializations against murders. The Minister of Internal Affairs and Justice of Venezuela will also serve as the brigade of the Special Operations Brigade. President Maduro will formulate regulations for the Special Operations Brigade in accordance with the “appointment of legislative power” granted by the Congress. The Special Operations Brigade is primarily engaged in the detection and suppression of murders committed by various drug trafficking groups and paramilitary forces.

In addition, this peace plan also advocates the establishment of a harmonious living community, the concept of peace, and requires Venezuela TV to develop a “self-discipline” plan to prevent the spread of violent culture and to turn prison into a socially disciplined educational venue. And improve the ability of residents’ communities to run a peaceful cause.

Responsible Editor: Zhao Yanlong

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