US media: The United States will soon announce the economic sanctions against Kasji’s murder incident about Saudi officials

[Global Network Reporter Li Huiling] According to “New York Times” reported on November 9, US officials revealed on Friday (9th) that the Trump administration is preparing to stop providing aerial fuel for Saudi Arabia’s military operations in Yemen. And imposed sanctions on Saudis related to the incident of Saudi journalist Kashuji.

The report said that these moves seem to be in response to the international community’s death in Kashuji and the deaths of thousands of civilians in the Yemen war. anger. Saudi Arabia is expected to announce next week that it will no longer use US aerial tankers.

US officials revealed that the Trump administration is also expected to soon announce economic sanctions against Saudi officials involved in the murder of Kashuji. According to these officials, senior officials of the White House, the State Department, and the Treasury have discussed sanctions under the Magnitsky Act, which gives the executive power to punish foreign officials suspected of violating human rights. The statement may be announced in a few days.

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