US court dismissed Apple’s Samsung patent case for “reviewing according to law”

China News Service February 9th According to the Yonhap News Agency, the US Northern District Court of California, Lucy · Judge Lucy Koh on the 7th rejected the “Apple and Samsung Electronics Patent Case” defendant Samsung The electronic proposal “by law” (JMOL), review, reduction of the amount of compensation and the plaintiff Apple’s “by law” & rdquo; application.

Lucy · Judge Koch expressed “and opposition and deep disappointment” to the patriotic appeal of the American defenders to the US jurors in the final statement last November. But Lucy · Koch said that the debate at the time did not affect the jury’s ruling.

Because both parties have rejected the application for retrial, it is expected that the court will make a first-instance ruling as soon as possible. If so, the first-instance ruling will be based on two rulings by the jurors in August of last year and November last year. As a result, Samsung Electronics should pay Apple an amount of up to $930 million.

The court advised the plaintiff Apple and the defendant Samsung Electronics executives to negotiate and reach an agreement before the 19th of this month. If the parties fail to reach an agreement at that time, the court will make a first-instance ruling.

However, there is a view that Apple and Samsung Electronics patent disputes will continue for a long time unless they are terminated by an agreement. This is because the two sides will appeal after the results of the first-instance ruling, and trials on other products will begin at the end of March.

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