Ukrainian protesters withdraw from Kiev City Hall Government promises not to sue

China News Service, February 17th According to foreign media reports, Ukrainian protesters ended their occupation of the capital city hall of Kiev and other government buildings on the 16th. The Ukrainian government has promised to revoke the prosecution of protesters who have withdrawn from government buildings before the 17th.

The protesters said that they have now fulfilled the conditions of the government’s amnesty law. Foreign media reporters in Kiev said that the protesters also dismantled some of the roadblocks on a street in the center of Kiev.

The large-scale protest demonstrations in Ukraine began in November last year when the country’s President Yanukovych abandoned the signing of an important trade agreement with the European Union. In addition, Yanukovych also advocates a more intimate trade relationship with Russia.

Beginning on the morning of the 16th, protesters gradually departed from the city halls and other government buildings they occupied. Shortly afterwards, the Swiss ambassador to Ukraine entered the city hall to help return the city hall to the government from the hands of the protesters.

Currently, Switzerland is the rotating presidency of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe.

On the 15th, the Ukrainian authorities released 243 protesters who were arrested in the riots of the past two months. Earlier this month, Yanukovych also approved the pardon of the protesters and agreed to negotiate with the opposition.

Last weekend, some opposition members still called on Yanukovych to step down. In addition, demonstrations will be held in the Independence Square in the center of Kiev.

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