Ukrainian presidential website: all parties will draft a settlement of the Ukrainian crisis agreement

Xinhuanet Kiev on February 21st The Ukrainian presidential website issued a statement on the 21st that Ukrainian President Yanukovych, opposition leaders, EU and Russian representatives reached an agreement in Kiev on the same day, at 12 o’clock in Ukraine ( At 18 o’clock in Beijing time, the draft was settled to resolve the Ukrainian crisis agreement.

The statement said that the talks ended on the morning of the 21st, and the parties reached an agreement on the drafting of the settlement of the Ukrainian crisis agreement. The agreement will be drafted at 12 o’clock local time (18:00 Beijing time). The statement did not mention the specific content of the agreement.

According to the Russian News Agency, the talks included Yanukovych, three Ukrainian opposition leaders, German and Polish foreign ministers and Russian human rights plenipotentiary Lu Jin. The talks lasted for eight hours.

According to the news released by the Ukrainian Ministry of Health, 77 people have been killed since the outbreak of the riots in the capital of Kiev on the 18th, and more than 500 people were injured.

Responsible Editor: Zhao Yanlong

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