Ukrainian parliament voted to revoke the presidency

China News Service February 22, according to foreign reports, the Ukrainian parliament announced on the 22nd that President Yanukovych could not perform his duties, the parliament voted to revoke his position, and advance the election date to May 25 .

Earlier, Yanukovych said in an interview with the media that he is a legally elected president, does not intend to resign, and does not intend to leave Ukraine.

On the same day, the demonstrators took control of the large area of ​​Kiev. At the same time, the Ukrainian parliament voted high on the decision to “execute international obligations and release former Prime Minister Tymoshenko”. Yanukovych accused the Ukrainian opposition of making a coup. He also determined that the parliament decided “not legal” and said that he would not sign.

Yanukovych said that the current situation can be roughly called smashing and coup. He felt that the safety of himself and the people around him was being threatened by demonstrators. “Someone fired at my car, but I am not afraid, I feel sorry for the country. & rdquo;

He said that international mediators have proposed “security guarantees” to him. These people yesterday assisted him in signing a political agreement with the opposition to suspend the crisis for three months.

In late November last year, the Ukrainian government suddenly decided to suspend the signing of the country of association agreement with the European Union. The result was a political crisis and the political situation continued to turm. On the 18th of this month, the most serious violent clashes occurred in Kiev in the past three months. On the 19th, the two sides agreed to suspend the “ceasefire”, but on the 20th, the demonstrators and the police broke out again.

President Yanukovych negotiated overnight and made a compromise on the opposition on the 21st to sign an agreement aimed at ending the political crisis in the country. The content includes reducing presidential power, establishing a new coalition government, and holding presidential elections in advance.

But after the signing of the agreement, thousands of demonstrators still refused to leave Independence Square. They did not believe that Yanukovych would keep his promise, and some insisted that he should step down immediately.

Responsible Editor: Qi Yuhan

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