Ukrainian Minister of the Interior says the number of deaths caused by the riots has risen to 80

Local Time 2014 On February 20th, there was a fierce clash between the demonstrators in Ukraine and the riot police in Kiev, and the bodies of the victims were placed in the camps of demonstrators on the Independence Square.

Local time February 20, Warsaw, Poland, local people in front of the Ukrainian Embassy in Poland mourn the victims of the violent conflict in Ukraine.

China News Service, February 21st According to Russian media reports, Ukrainian Interior Minister Vitali · Zaharchenko issued a statement on the 21st, saying that the number of riots in Ukraine rose to 80.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs issued a statement on Facebook’s homepage saying: “When someone said that 13 people died and 67 others died, it sounds terrifying because we died 80 citizens. ”

The Ukrainian Ministry of Health previously claimed that 77 people were killed and 577 were injured.

Zaharchenko pointed out that the Ministry of the Interior is open to negotiations for political and social activists.

He also said: “But we did not see a response. People panic, unable to report, destroy and plunder continue, and although the People’s Committee has announced power there, there is no place for help and protection from militants. & rdquo;

On November 21, 2013, after the Ukrainian government decided to suspend the signing of the country of association agreement with the European Union, a large number of supporters in Europe came to the streets to protest. Tensions in Ukraine have intensified.

On the 18th of this month, a large-scale riot broke out in the center of Kiev. The Ukrainian police launched a clearance operation on the Kiev Independence Square, which triggered a bloody conflict with the demonstrators. Only a few hours after the Ukrainian government reached a ceasefire agreement with the opposition at midnight on the 19th, in the early morning of the 20th, the Kiev Independence Square broke out again.

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