Ukrainian demonstrators withdraw from Kiev City Hall

Original title: Ukrainian opposition demonstrators withdraw from the Kiev city hall in Uzbekistan to ease the dawn of the light

International online report (Reporter Li Jingjing): Ukrainian opposition on 16 On the day of the withdrawal of the occupied Kiev City Hall, and the removal of some roadblocks on the Gruševsky Avenue, so that the motor vehicles pass, the U.S. Prosecutor’s Office announced that the “Amnesty Law” was officially in force on the 17th, Ukrainian domestic politics The situation has thus shown signs of easing.

On the 16th, witnessed by the OSCE representative, the Ukrainian opposition protesters protested the signing of relevant documents, withdrew the Kiev City Hall, which had been occupied for more than two months, and handed it over to the mayor of Kiev. Mark Yanke. Mark Yanke said on the same day that he hoped that this was the first step in the normalization of the situation in Kiev and Ukraine. Although it was not easy, it could be achieved step by step. The staff of the Kiev city government will resume normal operations on the 17th.

The Ukrainian opposition “Parents of the Motherland”, Congressman Awakov, also announced on the same day that the demonstrators had dismantled some of the roadblocks on the Gruševsky Avenue in the center of Kiev, and the motor vehicles resumed. It also evacuated the administrative buildings of the three states, including Lviv, and the State Council Building in Poltava. This news was also confirmed by the Ukrainian Ministry of Internal Affairs. However, the Ukrainian opposition has previously stated that they will not withdraw from the trade union building, “Ukrainian House” and “October Palace”, and will continue to protest in Independence Square. On Kreshchak Street in front of the City Hall building, opposition protesters will not evacuate, roadblocks and tents will not be dismantled. They said that once the government fails to fulfill its obligations, the building will be reoccupied.

Ukrainian opposition supporters believe that they have withdrawn from the Kiev City Hall, which has been occupied for more than two months. This is a “goodwill response to the release of all arrested demonstrators by the Ukrainian authorities”. Uzbekistan has previously passed the “Amnesty Law”, according to the bill, the Ukrainian authorities will pardon all arrests only after the protesters have evacuated all the office buildings of the government agencies they occupied and the Gruševsky Avenue in the center of Kiev. Demonstrators. The Ukrainian opposition said on the 16th that they “have fulfilled all the conditions in form” and asked the authorities to implement the “big law”. Subsequently, on the evening of the 16th, the Ukrainian General Prosecutor’s Office issued a message saying that “the law of amnesty” came into effect on the 17th.

The Ukrainian authorities have expressed their resignation through the resignation of the Prime Minister, the dissolution of the government, and the abolition of the previously adopted anti-demonstration law. “Concession”, the U.S. opposition demonstrators evacuated the administrative building they occupied, which should It was the Ukrainian opposition’s “first concession”, which also allowed the political crisis in the stalemate to see signs of easing and dawn. On the 16th, the EU’s High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Ashton also welcomed the Ukrainian opposition’s move, arguing that the recent actions of the Ukrainian authorities and the opposition have avoided the escalation of the situation and the emergence of the country. The political crisis has contributed.

However, the Ukrainian authorities and the opposition have very different positions on many key issues, and the next negotiations between the two sides are not easy. The Ukrainian opposition held another large-scale daily protest rally on the 16th. One of the opposition leaders, Yashenuk, said at the rally that he had already met with former Prime Minister Tymoshenko and both sides made clear s plan. The current political appeal of the Ukrainian opposition is that it will return to the 2004 Constitution, restrict the presidential power, and the opposition will form a separate government. The opposition government will then strive to release Tymoshenko and all political prisoners and advance the process of European integration. Even with regard to the “constitutional reform” issue, the Ukrainian opposition hopes that the parliament on the 18th will vote on the “Restoration of the 2004 Constitution” and call on supporters to go to the parliament building for peaceful demonstrations. Uzbek President Rebak previously suggested setting up a special committee to study and formulate a draft constitutional reform. Uzbek President Yanukovych said that he has agreed to solve the problem through a referendum on some extremely important and complicated issues. As for how to form a government, there is still no conclusion. Therefore, how the domestic situation in Ukraine will develop in the future depends on the actions and initiatives of the two sides.

Responsible Editor: Liu Yang

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