Ukrainian demonstrators do not believe in the settlement agreement, refused to leave Independence Square

Data Map: The number of deaths caused by the Ukrainian demonstrations continues to rise on the 20th. The picture shows that on February 20, Kiev, Ukraine, anti-government protesters used a stretcher to transfer a wounded person.

China News Service February 22, according to foreign media reports, although the Ukrainian president and opposition leaders reached an agreement on lifting the crisis on the 21st, but thousands of demonstrators still refused to leave the capital of Kiev independence square.

According to the agreement signed by Ukrainian President Yanukovych and the opposition leader in the mediation of the EU foreign minister, Yanukovych agreed to hold the presidential election in advance and form a new government with opposition.

But many demonstrators believe that they cannot believe that Yanukovych will keep his promise and expressed the hope that Yanukovych will step down immediately. The demonstrators were dissatisfied with the opposition leaders’ agreement with Yanukovych and accused them of being traitors.

At the same time, some far-right demonstrators said that if Yanukovych did not announce his resignation early on the 22nd, they would take violent actions.

In the testimony of Polish Foreign Minister Sikorski and German Foreign Minister Steinmeier, Ukrainian President Yanukovych and opposition representatives signed an agreement in Kiev on the 21st to resolve the Ukrainian crisis. The content includes the restoration of the 2004 Ukrainian Constitution, the establishment of a national unity government within 10 days, and the holding of general elections in advance.

In response, Russian President Vladimir Putin and US President Barack Obama held a telephone conversation to discuss the current situation in Ukraine. Putin pointed out that urgent measures must be taken to stabilize the situation in Ukraine. Putin particularly emphasized that the extreme opposition has led the Ukrainian opposition to an extremely dangerous point.

Responsible Editor: Zhao Yanlong

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