Types and uses of special locks

First, the presidential lock The presidential lock does not refer to the lock used by the president. It refers to the lock with a special functional structure. It generally refers to a lock system that can open multiple locks with one key. For example, a hotel, the key of the general manager, can open the entire room of the hotel, the keys of the service desks on each floor can only open the locks of all rooms on the floor, but can not open the doors of other floor rooms, the guests The key can only open the lock between the houses of their own, but can not open the lock of other rooms. Similar to the concept of presidential locks, there are also architect locks. This kind of lock is equipped with two kinds of keys, one is the user key and the other is the architect key. During the decoration of the house, you can hand the architect key to the technician responsible for the decoration. When the owner finishes the decoration, When the user’s key is opened once, the architect’s key will automatically expire and the lock cannot be opened. And you can rest assured that the architect’s key cannot be modified or transformed into a key that unlocks the lock. Another concept is the anti-presidential lock, which means a lock that can be opened by a variety of keys. The various keys mentioned here do not refer to all the keys that can be found on the market, but several keys set in advance, such as The company’s door locks are set to anti-presidential locks, and the keys to all employees of the company can open the lock. This lock is called the anti-presidential lock. The functions of the presidential lock and the architect lock can be set simultaneously or individually in the same lock or the same lock system. If you don’t want to carry a large number of keys with you, you can consider customizing the presidential lock. The lock of the presidential lock is complicated because of its complicated structure and high processing precision. The key code must be compiled and managed by the corresponding computer software. Users should choose enterprise products with corresponding strengths.

Second, the bathroom lock is a lock for the bathroom, each lock is equipped with an emergency key, the door is internally equipped with a safety device, and there is an emergency keyhole outside the door. If an accident occurs in the bathroom (if someone is unconscious in the bathroom), an emergency key or a hard object such as a coin can be inserted into the emergency keyhole to open the door. Those who have an accident in the room can be rescued in time.

Third, channel lock is a lock suitable for use on the aisle door, no safety device and key, both sides can open the aisle door at any time, the modern kitchen door also uses this kind of lock.

Fourth, balcony (courtyard) lock This lock has a safety device inside the room, because there is no keyhole in the outdoor part. After the insurance, the outdoor can not be unlocked. The lock tongue of the lock has an automatic rebound function, that is to say, as soon as the lock tongue hits the lock plate, the safety device is automatically released, so when you rest on the balcony, there is absolutely no need to worry about being locked in the balcony and cannot enter. Indoor, unless someone is on your balcony, deliberately press the insurance.

Five, classroom locks Classroom locks are mainly used in classrooms, but definitely not only for classrooms. When the lock is locked with a key, the lock can be unlocked when there is no key outside, but the lock can be opened indoors. Therefore, the classroom management staff of the school will lock the lock after a certain time in the evening, and the students will only be able to go out and cannot enter. The lock can also be used in other applications where such a requirement is required.

Sixth, the connection lock This lock is used in two connected rooms, with one-way connectivity and two-way connectivity. One-way communication lock has a lock cylinder on one side and no side. The two-way communication lock has a lock on both sides. As long as one of the two sides is locked, the lock is locked and the user can select it according to the need.

Seven, storage room lock (or hotel room lock) This lock, although there are two handle balls or handles, but their external handle can not be rotated. The key must be unlocked for unlocking, and the room is always in permanent insurance. The door can be switched at any time. Apparently suitable for storage rooms or hotel rooms. For the storage room, you don’t have to worry about forgetting to lock and being stolen (but don’t forget to bring the key when you go out). For the hotel, you can also avoid a lot of trouble, you may wish to carefully understand the benefits. Special function locks are designed based on the security concept of ‘convenience and security’. The correct use of special function locks can meet your requirements, provide convenience and greater freedom in security, and Eliminate unnecessary trouble and waste of money for you, because the price of locks for different functions is different.

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