Type of vaulted ceiling, how much do you know?

The vault is attractive and complex. The vaulted ceiling is in the form of an arch that creates space than a traditional ceiling. The vaulted ceilings are usually very tall and ventilated, often with large rooms, formal dining rooms and similar areas. Several types are used on the ceiling, depending on the type and architectural style of the building.
Arched ceiling design concept and type of vaulted ceiling:
This very simple vault form forms a half sphere in the room. The dome can be a completely round or slightly pointed top. The dome is probably the earliest type and is the simplest of them. They all built masonry, made in ancient times, or using wooden or concrete ribs that were constructed around a fixed point.
Barrel 穹窿
Barrel 穹窿 is also based on a half circle, but the finished roof is half a cylinder, not a half sphere. Barrels are also quite old, with examples that appeared in the Middle Ages, through the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. Barrels are still used in corridors and similar long areas, but less common rooms.
Inguinal vault
This type of vaulted ceiling is more open and airy than a barrel. Structurally, the simplest groin vault is made up of two barrel-shaped vaults that are built into each other at right angles. The inguinal vault has a cross-shaped intersection in the middle that requires a thinner wall thickness and supports less than the barrel vault. The earliest groin vaults appeared in the Roman to Roman era, but today they are still used in the structure of the city hall like Switzerland.
Rib vaults
The rib vaults are intersected by several barrel vaults at different angles to create a ribbed pattern. The old structure of the rib vault often decorates this pattern to make it stand out. The ribbed vault is a fairly common early Gothic church and lends a medieval feel to the building.

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