Tips for matching parquet

Materials for parquet flooring

1. Professional designers suggest that although neutral colors have always dominated the mainstream, as long as they are properly matched, dark and light colors can achieve the desired decorative effect. Can reflect the owner’s personal preferences and personality. But at the same time, the color of the floor is closely related to the size of the living room, the lighting conditions and the decoration style. If you choose it properly, you can get the effect.

2, color can magically affect people’s visual senses, warm color expansion, cold tone contraction. Therefore, the floor area of ​​a small area should choose a dark color and a simple and bright cold color floor. In the choice of color, it tends to have a small texture or a straight grain effect, avoiding a large and disorderly pattern, which can give people a feeling of expanding the space.

3, the room with good lighting can choose a wide range of colors, depth and depth. The floor is low, and the room with insufficient lighting chooses a bright and high-brightness floor that can create a stretching space.

Combination of solid wood flooring and space style

1, naturalism – yellow three-layer solid wood composite flooring

Pay attention to simple nature, return to the true feeling It reflects the vicissitudes of nature and the old texture. It is also a popular practice in naturalism. For example, the local furniture made of old wood is closer to the earth and nature. The natural annual pattern reflects the owner. Beautiful decoration style.

2, fashion minimalism – monochrome straight grain small pattern three-layer parquet

because of the ‘minimalism’ philosophy of life in today’s popular culture, more and more The more modern urbanites pursue the modern minimalist style of functional supremacy. In the big pattern where there is not much practical value, the style of the furniture is simple and straight line, and the floor with simple fancy and simple color can best reflect the owner’s simplicity and practicality. The pursuit.

3, European style – full color large pattern three-layer solid wood composite flooring

This style inherits the luxury, dynamic, changeable visual effects of the Baroque style, also absorbed Luo The beautiful and rhythmic details of the cocoa style deal with the elements, luxurious and beautiful, and extraordinary, quite popular among the upper class. The floor can be decorated with bright and colorful, dark and elegant colors, which will enhance the overall style of the home.

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