Tiles can be so beautiful

  Peacock blue glazed tile roof, light milk gray tile exterior wall, granite pedestal stone steps, and white marble railings, the whole body is based on blue, taking the water with caution. The beauty of Chinese architecture is inseparable from ceramic tiles. Tiles are also essential in home decoration, and it is resistant to heat and heat, is not easy to be scratched, and can be beautifully decorated to beautify new homes.

 Antique brick tiles

  Antique bricks, can be paved, or you can choose diagonal paving, suitable for European, American, Mediterranean, rural and other styles. Modern antique bricks tend to be more minimalist in style, yet without losing the details. It shows a very beautiful detail. In terms of materials, the materials of modern antique bricks are more abundant, the color blanks are more, and the glazed color is more personalized. This is especially true for the unique and individual needs of the home tile after the 80s and 90s. Technically, on the basis of minimalism, the use of ceramic inkjet technology innovation and application has greatly improved the decorative effect of modern antique bricks.

 Spanish abstract geometric floor

  Geometric floor is made up of different colors and different geometric figures, showing a specific or abstract pattern. With a variety of colors and refined craftsmanship, stylish personality design, slowly changing the unchanging stereotype left by the most original floor, presented in a new attitude. The geometrical floor-like texture of the clouds, like the opaque notes, is written in different colors on a piece of original floor, like the rhythm of constantly jumping. Write a moving melody where you can see the music that the sea is solidifying.

  Personal tile retro floor tiles

   Now 80, 90 has become the mainstream of home consumption, their demand for home is personalized, hope to show their own unique aesthetics and ideas through their own home, for home art The pursuit has reached an unprecedented height, pursuing a low-key luxury and connotation of environmentally friendly and healthy home environment. Personalized tile retro floor tiles through a harmonious neutral tone, carefully selected materials, style textures and color matching, to meet the needs of customers, to provide a more personalized design combination.

  T Antique Ceramic Mosaic Tiles

  The mosaic is the darling of decorative materials in a colorful form, which is favored by avant-garde and fashionable families. Even if the material chooses the cheapest product in the mosaic, the floor is still showing off the spiritual luxury. Sometimes, simple patterns will be elegant and elegant due to the choice of color matching.

  Classic black and white checkerboard ceramic tile

   black and white, the same classic color. Black and white checkerboard has always been the darling of fashion, how many times international ice wearing this pattern coat appears in the lens to know its classic magic. Black and white checkerboard tiles, firmly in the empty boss position of the floor tile decoration, as a 360-degree no-dead player who can not be wrongly laid, please do not miss it again and again!

  800×800 wear-resistant fully polished glazed ceramic floor tiles

  All-glazed tiles are different from ordinary polished tiles. The glaze on the surface is a special crystal wear-resistant glaze. After high-temperature sintering, the molecules are completely sealed, and there is almost no gap. Long-lasting, high-brightness, no faintness, hard and wear-resistant, make the tiles more bright, and make the house more beautiful, bright and magnificent. The color is more abundant, the colors are bright, the colors are diverse, and the texture is natural. The service life is long, and the transparent glazed tile of the polished glaze is relatively thick and not easy to wear, so its service life is three times that of the general micro-powder brick.


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