Tiles are so versatile

Generally speaking, bricks are used for floor and wall decoration, so many people choose a high-quality tile for paving, but do you know that the choice of tiles is not casual, the aspects involved There are many, for example, patterns, colors, and overall collocations, etc., must be considered when purchasing, so how to match the tile decoration design? Let’s take a look at it with Xiaobian.
How to match the decoration design of the tile

1, color matching of the living room tile

Generally speaking, when selecting the brick body of the hall, it should be in the overall decoration style. Coordination, especially pay attention to light and personal preferences. Generally speaking, large earthy or terracotta vitrified tile pavements can make people feel the joy and comfort of the pastoral style, while stone and dark blue floor tiles, It is more special, modern and natural.

2, bathroom tile color matching

For the bathroom, due to the large amount of water, it is necessary to pay attention to the anti-slip property when laying out the layout. Of course, color is also a key part. A bright and tidy bathroom makes people feel happy, but it is not recommended to use a single solid color, otherwise it will cause visual fatigue, it is recommended to add other colors when needed.

3, kitchen tile color matching

From the current room dressing, many users no longer choose dark bricks in order to highlight the effect of space changes, but more It tends to be light-colored, which not only helps to broaden the horizon, but also feels the breath and coolness of spring.

How to buy tile decoration ingeniously

1, when buying, we must pay attention to product quality, many people think that the thicker the brick body, the better the quality, in fact There is no such statement on the whole. Generally speaking, it is almost at 10mm. It is neither recommended to be too thick nor too thin.

2. Most users prefer white when purchasing bricks, which not only makes the whole look more beautiful, but also makes the room look brighter, so it will feel whiter and better. In fact, the brightness and color of the tile should be chosen according to your own preferences.

3, I believe everyone has found that when buying such products, many people will pad the weight of a tile body. In fact, it has a certain relationship with production. Many manufacturers will say their own. Bricks are heavier than others, so the heavier the better? Actually not, the stone is heavier because the bricks are thicker and denser, which will lead to heavier products.
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