The wreckage of the wrecked plane in Nepal found that all 18 people on board were killed.

Original title: Nepal wrecked aircraft wreckage found all 18 people killed on board

International Online News: Comprehensive reporter report and Xinhua News Agency, Nepal Civil Aviation Authority official 17th It is said that the wreckage of the plane that had been wrecked on the 16th has been found, and all 18 people on board were killed.

On the afternoon of the 16th local time, a Nepalese Airlines aircraft carrying 18 people lost contact with the ground shortly after takeoff. The Nigerian military confirmed that the plane had crashed. Nepal Airlines confirmed on the 16th that there were no Chinese passengers on the plane that crashed in the south of the country that afternoon.

According to reports, the wrecked aircraft was a small passenger plane with a total of 18 people at the time of the accident, three of whom were crew members and 15 passengers, including a Dane. At around 12:43 local time, the wrecked plane flew to Gumla after refueling in the famous tourist city of Pokhara, Nepal. However, due to the rain and contact system failure, it flew to the southern plains. After 13:13, the plane lost contact with the ground.

After the plane disappeared, the Nepalese military quickly dispatched a helicopter to search and rescue, but when the plane was finally found, the plane had crashed.

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