The US Navy will be the first to install laser weapons. The combat method is similar to "Star Wars"

According to Xinhua News Agency, the US Navy plans to deploy laser weapons on warships for the first time this year and test the prototype of electromagnetic railguns on warships within two years.

The Associated Press reported on the 18th that the US Naval Ocean Systems Command project manager Mike · Ziff believes that this will fundamentally change the way the US Navy operates. He said that the US Navy will test the prototype of the laser weapon on the “Ponce” ship this summer, which can be operated by a single person.

The US Navy stated that the deployment of laser weapons is mainly to deal with “asymmetric threats”, including drones and speedboats.

Laser weapons use a “snap of energy” to burn targets or destroy sensitive electronic systems.

Qifu said that this is a bit like the scene in the movie “Star Wars,” but unlike the movie, people can’t see the laser beam in reality, only see the impact.

In addition, the United States has conducted land tests on railguns in Virginia, where the speed of the shells is six to seven times the speed of sound, and the power is enormous. The US Navy hopes to replace traditional cannons with orbital guns and launch deadly shells from long distances.

Ziff said that the US Navy favors these two new weapons because of their low cost.

Lorren &middot, a defense researcher at the Lexington Institute in the United States; Thomson said that US interceptors are equipped with at least $1 million in interceptor missiles, and laser weapons cost as little as a few dollars each.

But Thomson pointed out that both laser weapons and railguns have shortcomings. For example, laser weapons are susceptible to weather and environmental factors, while railguns require huge amounts of electricity to fire projectiles.

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