The US Court of Justice does not openly hear the arson suspects in the San Francisco consulate

People’s Daily Online, San Francisco, February 14 (Li Mu) On February 14, local time, the US Federal Court of Northern California District Court held a private trial of Feng Yanfeng, a suspect in the arson of the San Francisco Consulate General.

In the five cases heard by Judge Elisabeth · Laporte, the arson of the San Francisco Consulate General is still at the end.

People’s Daily reporter saw in the gallery that Feng Yanfeng, a suspect with his ankle, was brought into court by two security personnel and stood with the Chinese translation station. The judge then routinely asked the suspect’s name and age. Unlike the previous trials, Feng Yanfeng answered it directly in clear English today.

The suspect’s public defense lawyer, Steve Kollal, then summoned a witness. The witness was a white woman, aged 40, who handed a stack of thick written materials to the lawyer and presented it to the judge. The defense lawyer then requested the judge to conduct a private hearing and was approved. The audience in the gallery was asked to leave the court. About 10 minutes later, the trial ended, the suspect’s defense lawyer Steve · Kolar went out of court, looked serious and refused any interview.

According to the People’s Daily reporter, the suspect Feng Yanfeng is still in the pre-trial detention hearing stage. At this stage, the judge is required to decide whether to formally detain the suspect or approve his bail application and to set a specific amount of bail.

Responsible Editor: Zhu Malie

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