The University of Tokyo’s Yamato Adaptive Computing Research Building was completed.

The University of Tokyo’s “Dahe Adaptive Computing Research Building” was officially completed. As a research center, it should generally be constructed from the perspective of safety and nature, but the building’s slanted sword adopts natural elements. It looks like a round and smooth, and there is no sharpness in the whole.

The design of the building is characterized by its tiered façade, and the exterior of the building is covered with a series of Panels, which consist of a single wooden strip. If natural light passes through the glass, when natural light passes through the glass and shines into this well-designed interior, the layered rhythm of the wood layer will be disrupted. There is a passage at the bottom that connects the street in front of the building with the Japanese garden behind the principal’s meeting room. The design of this public passage also subtly diverts light and airflow from the campus. Without this channel, the light flow and airflow would directly face the boarding layer. In addition to the indoor and outdoor entertainment areas, there are galleries and lecture rooms in the building.

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