The United States has “made a demon”, how do sheet companies respond?

【招商宝】On February 10, 2017, the final rule of the formaldehyde release standard for composite wood products was officially in force by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and issued by the US Federal Register. It is reported that this rule is mainly used to implement the “2010 formaldehyde standard for composite wood products”, which is known as one of the most stringent formaldehyde release standards in the global composite wood products industry.

As early as July 7, 2010, US President Barack Obama officially signed the “Standard Wood Products Formaldehyde Standard Act” and confirmed The requirements for formaldehyde emission limits for wood products such as particleboard, MDF, and hardwood plywood sold and sold throughout the United States are designed to protect consumers from chemical binders in composite wood products and became effective on January 3, 2011. And gradually implemented within two years.

In the recent US final rule of the formaldehyde release standard for composite wood products, the rules are further refined and emphasized, the specific requirements are as follows:

The formaldehyde emission of hardwood plywood made of composite core shall not exceed 0.05ppm;

The formaldehyde emission of particleboard shall not exceed 0.09ppm;

The formaldehyde emission of medium density fiberboard shall not exceed 0.11ppm ;

The formaldehyde emission of thin medium density fiberboard shall not exceed 0.13ppm.

The United States “ composite wood products formaldehyde release standard final rule effective, for China’s plate, flooring, furniture and other composite wood products export enterprises have a huge impact, mainly because the United States is China’s main exports of wood products One of the trading countries, and the formaldehyde emission standard stipulated in this regulation is significantly higher than the current standard, and is far higher than the standard of the country and the world.

The main influences are: First, improve the production cost and testing cost of China’s wood products enterprises; Second, extend the customs clearance time of the port; Third, at present, only a few of China’s wood products have passed the United States. California CARB certification, and most of the products can not meet the requirements of the bill, so it is likely to be notified by the United States or even returned and recalled; Fourth, the rules have a great chance to become the world’s composite wood products formaldehyde release standards The weather vane, countries will follow suit, affecting the export situation of China’s wood products enterprises in other countries.

In this regard, China’s plate companies should adopt a positive response:

First, the plate companies should thoroughly study the bill and rules to accurately grasp the formaldehyde emission limit specified in the rules of the law. Standards and implementation deadlines, scientific adjustment of export product types and production plans, but also close attention to possible measures taken by other countries;

Second, sheet companies should use high-quality raw materials, selected integrity supply Business, application of environmentally friendly production processes, establishment of a sound production system, research and development of environmentally friendly products, to ensure that export products can meet the standards of exporting countries;

Third, sheet companies should actively seek transformation and upgrading, improve products Additional value, strengthen product independent innovation design, strengthen the construction of self-owned brands for exporting composite wood products, improve the self-control self-control level, etc.;

Fourth, sheet companies should actively expand domestic and international marketing channels and develop new ones. International market, reduce the risk of excessive market concentration, “Do not put eggs in the same basket, but also maintain good ditch with foreign customers. A clear responsibility by both the terms of the contract, to avoid losses.

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