The United States continues to conduct “double-reverse” investigations on Chinese crystalline silicon photovoltaic products

Beijing Broadcasting Network, Beijing, February 15 (Reporter Chai Hua) According to Voice of China, “National News Network” reported that the US International Trade Commission recently ruled that crystalline silicon photovoltaic products imported from China and Taiwan will be The US government will continue to conduct a “double-reverse” investigation.

According to the US Department of Commerce, the amount of such products imported by the United States from China and Taiwan in 2012 was $2.1 billion and $510 million, respectively, and the amount involved was huge.

Four members of the US International Trade Commission who participated in the survey believe that there are indications that products in mainland China and Taiwan are sold in the United States at below-fair prices, causing substantial damage to related industries in the United States. .

It is understood that the investigation was initiated in response to a complaint from the US branch of the German photovoltaic giant Solar World. Previously, the US Department of Commerce ruled in 2012 that it would impose an anti-dumping duty of 18.32% to 249.96% on Chinese crystalline silicon photovoltaic cells and components, and a countervailing duty of more than 14%.

Zhao Yuwen, director of the Photovoltaic Professional Committee of the China Renewable Energy Society, said that the survey included Taiwan, China, and the targeting was obvious:

Zhao Yuwen: Because we are responding to the US double-reverse (investigation When it does not include Taiwan, so our components can pass through a channel like Taiwan.

Obviously, for some companies that choose to buy parts and components in Taiwan, they will also be affected.

Fan Zhenhua, a lawyer representative of PV companies: According to the last US double-reverse ruling, it was also considered that the use of Taiwan (region) batteries for export to the United States was not subject to the original double-reverse investigation. At the same time, it does not violate the current determination of the rules of origin.

The Ministry of Commerce has repeatedly stated that it hopes that the US government will abide by its commitment to oppose trade protectionism, jointly safeguard a free, open and fair international trade environment, and properly handle trade frictions in a more rational way. The US Solar Industry Association has repeatedly warned that the US levy “double anti-” tariffs will harm the interests of downstream companies in the US solar industry.

Responsible Editor: Zhao Yanlong

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