The Ukrainian president said the opposition wants to seize power. The demonstrators are responsible for the riots.

China News Service, February 19, according to Agence France-Presse reported that Ukrainian President Yanukovych issued a national speech on the 19th, saying that anti-government protesters have “beyond the bottom line”, saying that their purpose is to seize The regime, rushing the president to step down.

Yanukovych said that the opposition leaders ignored the law of democracy and that the right to govern should be passed through elections instead of taking to the streets. “They call on people to pick up their weapons, which has gone beyond the bottom line”.

The report said that Yanukovych accused the opposition leaders of being responsible for the riots in the former capital of Kiev, and that the opposition called the militants to launch an armed attack at the demonstration site. He said that unless the opposition removed the radicals and stated that they had supported them, they could negotiate.

It is also reported that the Ukrainian opposition expressed strong protest against the bloody conflict. The Ukrainian opposition party “Ukrainian Reform Democratic Alliance” leader Klitschko believes that the authorities should immediately withdraw the police and stop making bloodshed because there are people who have been killed in the conflict. At present, Ukraine “we are all Europeans”; the sports organization has called on all Ukrainian athletes who participated in the Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia to stop the game to support the opponents.

On the evening of the 18th, local time, a bloody outbreak occurred on the streets of Kiev, the capital of Ukraine. The police and 20,000 anti-government protesters had an intense and intense conflict. By the next morning, 21 people including the police had been caused. Death, more than 150 people were injured, many people were seriously injured.

The White House informed Biden on the evening of the 18th that he had a phone call with Yanukovych. The White House said that Biden requested that President Yanukovych withdraw his government and exercise restraint to the utmost extent. Biden said that the United States urged Yanukovych to immediately talk to the opposition leaders, respond to the legitimate demands of the demonstrators, and come up with a political reform plan.

And the Russian Foreign Ministry said on the 18th that the situation in Ukraine has intensified again, and that Western politicians have appeased the radical forces of Ukraine, ignoring them and arguing against the legitimate government led by Yanukovych.

Since Yanukovych refused to sign an agreement with the European Union at the end of November last year, Ukraine began a protest against the president’s move. Yanukovych later turned to Russia for help and accepted the $15 billion assistance plan provided by the latter. However, due to continued anti-government protests in Ukraine, Russia has temporarily suspended the plan.

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