The Thai government is constantly in conflict with the demonstrators.

The Thai government and the demonstrators are in constant conflict with the police and the head is injured.

Local time on February 18, 2014, Bangkok, Thailand, a bomb explosion occurred during anti-government demonstrations in Thailand. A Thai policeman was killed and many others were injured. Image: PETER CHAN/CFP

It is reported that the Thai authorities launched a clearance operation on the streets of Bangkok on the 18th. Witnesses said that gunfire was heard in downtown Bangkok. The report said that after the conflict between the police and the demonstrators, the scene was filled with tear gas. Thailand’s head of security, Paradon · Srichaphan said that the police did not carry tear gas and did not launch to the crowd. Police spokesman Sha Feng Xi Rui said that a policeman was shot and killed and four others were injured. He added that one of them was hit by a broken bullet after the explosion and was seriously injured.

The police said that 15,000 police officers participated in the clearance operation on the 18th, and the action number was called “Peace Bangkok Mission” in order to recapture the area occupied by demonstrators around the government office building.

Responsible Editor: Ge Peng

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