The southern region was attacked by rockets again! Israel identifies Iran’s instigation

In the southern part of Israel, more than 30 rockets were attacked on the night of the 26th. It was the most fierce fire in recent weeks. The Israeli military immediately retaliated against the Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas), which controls the Gaza Strip, and bombed more than 80 military targets.

The Israeli military also identified the Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guard’s Overseas Operations Unit in Syria, “The Holy City Brigade”, planning a rocket attack that threatened to expand air strikes into Syria.

[Explosion & sdot; ceasefire]

IDF spokesperson Jonathan & Sdot; Conricus said that Islamic Jihad (Jihad) armed personnel On the evening of the 26th, in the Gaza Strip, 34 rockets were continuously launched to the south of Israel. Among them, 13 rockets were successfully intercepted by the Israeli army, the shovel, and 2 were in the Gaza Strip, and others were in the open area of ​​southern Israel. .

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