The smart toilet lid can also deodorize, how is it done?

   The powerful features and low cost of the smart toilet cover have made many families admire and have tried to use it. For households with a small home area and a bathroom and toilet built in the same space, the deodorizing function of the smart toilet lid is particularly beneficial, and it is no longer necessary to endure the unpleasant smell. Below we will understand the deodorization principle of the smart toilet cover.

 1, one of the deodorizing principles of smart toilet lids, air negative pressure technology deodorization

  The technical principle is that according to the air negative pressure technology, the toilet flushing channel is used as the inhalation passage, through the hollow passage of the drain valve, using the air pressure, the odor generated after the defecation is completely completed. It is sucked into the drainage pipe and subjected to triple filtration through natural deodorizing medium such as water and activated carbon to rapidly purify various harmful gases and then discharge. It can be said that the problem of odor treatment is fundamentally solved. The whole process of the intelligent toilet cover is deodorized by natural medium, and no secondary air pollution is generated. The deodorization rate is as high as 99% or more. At the same time, the motor consumes less power when deodorizing, and no electricity cost is incurred.

  2, deodorizing principle of intelligent toilet seat, second toilet deodorizer

   smart toilet seat toilet The deodorizer includes two parts: a seat cushion and a toilet cover. The two are connected to the hollow fixed shaft and rotate around the shaft. One end of the fixed shaft is closed at one end, and the motor, the fan and the filter are sequentially built in from the closed end. The spice box has an air inlet communicating with the toilet inside the fixed shaft. The micro motor of the intelligent toilet lid drives the fan to draw air, and the odor extracted from the toilet enters the filter to be purified, and then the fresh air is discharged through the spice box. However, the toilet deodorizer consumes more electricity and cannot completely remove the odor. The actual effect is almost the same as that of the air freshener.

  About the deodorizing principle of the smart toilet cover, we introduce it here, you can choose the corresponding smart toilet cover according to the situation.


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