The prospect of smart home is very big, landing is only a matter of time

The smart home is out of the world, optimizing people’s lifestyles, making life simpler and more convenient. Let users have a high-quality experience at home, the main application group of smart home in the future will be middle and high-end people, as well as young people who like innovative technology.
The prospect of smart home development is strong. With the improvement of the decoration industry and the environmental requirements of customers, smart home is an indispensable part. The country’s real estate industry is booming, and the intelligentization of the community has become a basic requirement. Coupled with smart homes, the concept of “all-intelligence” will inevitably bring new selling points and vitality to the real estate industry. Therefore, “all-intelligence” is the 21st century. The theme of real estate developers, which also means that China’s smart home industry ushered in development opportunities. The core of smart home is security, and the smart home security system can not only prevent fire, burglary, gas leakage, etc., but also enjoy the fun of enjoying smart life, and also has certain advantages in price, it is a very high cost performance. The product, the anti-theft means very active. At present, the fragmentation of the smart home industry and the unstandardization of standards are not conducive to the interconnection and interoperability of smart home products, which will be a hindrance to development. Many enterprises have begun to work on platform and ecological layout.

Although the platform and the eco-industry still need time to precipitate and test, we can see the progress and changes of the whole industry, and the platform and ecologicalization of smart homes have become a trend. Keeping abreast of the safety situation at home, Jianshu smart lock can also be equipped with smart home security system to achieve anti-theft, fire prevention, gas leakage prevention, one-button control of all home appliances, 20 kinds of linkage, 8 scenes, random DIY, encounter accidents Take timely measures to avoid unnecessary losses and ensure higher security of the home. The development of smart home is a trend, just like the development of the Internet. As a typical case of the Internet of Things, the prospect of smart home is very large, and landing is only a matter of time.
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