The production line accounts for nearly 20%, and the diamond tile has been called “king” in Faku.

As an innovative category of fully polished glazed tiles, diamond tiles have grown rapidly in the Faku production area of ​​Liaoning in the past year. A few days ago, the reporter found in the Faku production area that 9 out of 35 large-scale enterprises in the Faku production area produced diamond products in batches. Among the 59 building ceramic production lines that have been started, only the number of diamond single product lines is It has reached 11 cases. Compared with the 6 production lines in the same period of 2017, the production capacity has nearly doubled. At present, the actual production per day has exceeded 150,000 square meters.

Diamond tiles rely on excellent product characteristics to exceed polished tiles in production and sales And marble tiles have been successfully promoted to the “king of bricks” in the Faku area.

Diamond replaces polished tiles

rural Customer into the main force

Interviewer learned that the current law More than 70% of ceramic tile products in the production area are mainly sold to the three provinces of Northeast China, of which rural customers account for up to 60%. Zhang Guangwei, general manager of sales of Shenyang Longsheng Taiyi Ceramics Group, said that in the past, when rural customers rebuilt new houses or renovated old houses, most of them would choose civilian polished tiles with relatively low prices for price considerations. Therefore, in the three years from 2012 to 2015, the number of polished brick production lines in the Faku production area showed a spurt growth, with nearly 30 peaks in 2014.

And after 2015, the first, second and third tier real estate markets will be transferred by heat Cold, while the construction of new rural areas and the urbanization process in the Northeast have obviously begun to accelerate. With the improvement of the overall income level of rural residents, diamond tiles with more vivid colors and higher wear resistance have begun to replace polished tiles as the first choice for rural customers. product.

“The market share of civilian polished tiles in the Northeast is rapidly shrinking, if in the future If there is no obvious improvement in the polished brick market during the year, the polished tiles, especially the low-grade polished tiles, will further shrink or even die out. The vacant market share will also be replaced by the cost-effective products represented by diamonds.” Zhang Guangwei introduced, Taking the composition of Longsheng Taiyi Ceramics’ current sales as an example, in May this year, the total sales revenue of all single products of the group company was 60 million yuan, of which only one diamond product, the sales revenue will be nearly 18 million yuan, accounting for Nearly 30%, while in the same period last year, diamond sales accounted for only 18%.

Research statistics show that since June, the overall sales market has turned weak, currently The inventory of 35 large-scale production enterprises in the Faku Park has increased slightly, but the inventory of diamond single products is relatively low, and the selling price is relatively stable. The price of 800×800 (mm) diamond products produced by the main enterprises is maintained at 19-20. The yuan interval, thanks to the huge demand of the home improvement market in the Northeast, some companies in the Faku production area can even sell without diamond tiles. “Diamond tile products have distinctive features, stable prices and huge market. In the next one or two years, the total number of diamond tile production lines in the Faku area may exceed 15 or even more.” Zhang Guangwei expects.

Production costs are slightly higher than full glaze

Segmentation into a research and development focus

Reporters also found in the corporate exhibition halls of the Faku area, compared to traditional full glaze The ex-factory price of ceramic tiles and diamond tiles is significantly higher than that of other types of fully polished glaze products. Asked for the reason, Lin Feng, chairman of Shenyang Wuzhou Zhenyao Ceramics Co., Ltd., said that in addition to the better supply and demand factors in the end consumer market, its relatively special production process leads to higher production than other fully polished glaze products. the reason.

<span style="font-size:14pxAccording to reports, in the production process of diamond tiles, in order to improve the hardness and wear resistance of the tile surface, white corundum raw materials are added to the glaze formula, and the amount of glazing is 2-2.5 times that of ordinary full glaze. After the addition of corundum in the formula, the glaze will be opaque and the glaze effect will be poorly burned. In order to ensure the glaze permeability of the tile surface, the embryo body needs to be modified and whitened.

Diamond tiles also put forward higher requirements for glaze performance, such as: glaze is more important than The flow rate should be more stable, easier to dry, etc. In order to achieve the normal and stable process requirements, the production line for the full glaze production should be added to the auxiliary drying equipment before entering the kiln. For this reason, the factory has to invest in new equipment and its output is relatively high. Lower.

In addition, in order to reflect the saturation and three-dimensionality of the surface color, diamond When the glazing is applied, the amount of glaze is increased, and the moisture and impurities are increased. At high temperatures, the venting is more difficult than ordinary glazing. The superior product rate of diamond finished products is generally lower than that of traditional full-glazed tiles, and the intangible cost increases.

The last is to solve the water ripple phenomenon that is common in all-glazed tiles. The diamond tiles use hard-grinding polishing technology to make the surface of the diamond tiles basically waterless. Therefore, also for the “diamond” products. The polishing after the kiln puts forward higher requirements, and relatively speaking, the superior product rate after polishing is relatively low.

For the future market situation of diamond products, Lin Feng said that the current supply and demand of diamond tiles produced by Faku is relatively balanced. If it is to continue to increase production capacity in the next year or two, plus Shandong The huge impact of diamonds may also lead to imbalance between supply and demand, and product prices have fallen sharply. Therefore, considering the competition in the future market, enterprises should increase the market share of the rural areas while increasing the promotion and promotion of urban customers, especially The rise of the third and fourth line cities Similarly, the segmentation category represented by Diamond Marble is also favored by high-end consumers in first- and second-tier cities and has become the focus of continuous research and development of enterprises.

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